200+ Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers to Skyrocket Consistency

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Awesome Blog Post Ideas to Help You Stay Consistent in Blogging + free PDF

In my previous post, I mentioned planning out your blog content for the whole year as part of preparing your blog for the new year. But, I’m very sure that it can be difficult if you’re just starting. So, here are Awesome Blog Post Ideas for New bloggers to Stay Consistent in Blogging. 

And also, these blog post ideas will be categorized according to different niches. Without further ado, let’s start.



What should I blog about?

This is probably the most question asked before or after you started your blog. You’re like, “Okay, now, what’s next?” “What should I write about?”

And even though you are fueled by the concept of starting a blog and choosing your niche, figuring out what to write can be a struggle.

If only there’s a button to click that will show you all the blog post ideas then everything will be easy, right?

The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas for All Niches

Well, I can not give a button to that but, I can give you The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas so you can skyrocket your consistency in your blogging.

Just to let you know that these blog post ideas did not just pop in my head. It contains keywords that you can use right away and also, these are being searched by people.

And like I said these blog post ideas are all categorized by niches. From lifestyle, pets, parenting, and more!

Let the Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas begin! Enjoy! The List will be at the end of this post.

Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Beauty Industry is one of the topics that gain popularity these days. This industry is also divided into different sub-niches such as make-up, skin, hair, and nails.

So if your blog is in one of these niches then, these blog post ideas are for you!


  1. Best Cushion Foundation for Dry Skin
  2. How to Effectively Apply Makeup During Summer/Winter
  3. How to Pick the Perfect Foundation for Your Skin
  4. Top X Must-Have Makeup Brushes
  5. X Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses
  6. The Ultimate Guide to The Korean Double Cleansing Method
  7. How to do Perfect Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes
  8. How to Apply Makeup Beginner’s Guide
  9. The Best Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40’s
  10. X Easy To Do Makeup for Everyday Look


  1. X Best Skincare Products for Men
  2. Top X Recommended Skincare Products for Women
  3. How To Do The Famous Korean Skincare ROutine
  4. X Best Skincare Products for Teens
  5. X Best Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin
  6. X Best Skincare Tips for Dry Skin
  7. Top X Must-Have Moisturizer for Winter
  8. X Ways to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer
  9. X Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Glowing Skin
  10. X Best Body Scrub for Smooth Skin


  1. Top Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair
  2. X Easy to Follow Hair Care Tips in Winter
  3. X Best Hair Care Products for Itchy Scalp
  4. The Best Hair Moisturizers for Men
  5. X Effective Ways to Moisturize Natural Hair
  6. Best Hair Dye for Gray Hair
  7. X Ways to Treat Hair Color at Home
  8. X Best Hair Care Products for Damaged Hair
  9. The X Top Korean Hair Essence to Buy
  10. X Tips and Treatment for Hair Fall


  1. X Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails
  2. Ultimate Guide to Nail Care
  3. X Ways to Moisturize Brittle Nails
  4. How to Protect Nails from Gel Polish
  5. X Best Gel Polish Removers
  6. Best Nail Care Products Every Women Should Own
  7. X Ways to Grow Your Nails Faster
  8. X Best Press-On Nails for Quick Manicure
  9. How to Remove Press-On Nails Without Damage
  10. Nail Trends for 2022 to Follow


If you haven’t started your blog, these blog posts will help you:

Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Many aspiring bloggers choose a lifestyle blog. Because it is a broad topic, therefore, it is easy to start with. The lifestyle niche covers most topics that make a person’s lifestyle easier. Also, wpbeginner considered Lifetsyle Blog can make you money easily.

So sub-niches can range from, health, fitness, weight loss, parenting, gardening, home, fashion, travel, beauty, life hacks, travel, personal development, pets, and a lot more!

Are you in a lifestyle niche? Then the following blog post ideas are for you!


  1. Top X Tips for First Time Parents
  2. X Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding
  3. X Tips on Raising a Child as a Single Mom
  4. X Ways to Prepare Your Kid to Preschool
  5. X Best Lunch Box for Kids
  6. X Easy to Prepare Meal for Busy Moms
  7. Top Car Seats for Toddlers
  8. X Best Books to Read with Your Child
  9. X Lesson I Learned from My Kid
  10. X Ways to Handle Your Kid’s Tantrum


  1. The Top X Signs of Pregnancy
  2. X Symptoms of Pregnancy
  3. Best Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms
  4. X Best Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms
  5. X Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms
  6. X Gifts for Pregnant Women
  7. X Safe Pregnancy Exercises
  8. X Safe Pregnancy Exercise for Third Trimester
  9. X Things to Know About Pregnancy
  10. X Best Pregnancy/Maternity Pillow in 2022


  1. X Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids
  2. X Ways to Make Your Home Dog Friendly
  3. How to Set Up a Home Office in a Small Space
  4. X Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room
  5. X Things to Remember in Choosing Window Blinds
  6. X Tips to Keep Your Home Organized
  7. X Easy Spring Cleaning Tips 
  8. How to Declutter Your Home
  9. X Fun Decoration Ideas You Can Do This Christmas
  10. Best Rags for Your Bedroom


  1. X Things to Remember When Traveling Solo
  2. X Tips to Travelling on a Budget
  3. X Must-Have Essentials for Travelling
  4. Best Advice for Travellers with Kids
  5. X Things to Remember When Travelling Dogs
  6. Ultimate Guide for Theme Park Vacation
  7. Best Family-Friendly Destinations
  8. X Best Destinations for Honeymooners
  9. Your Ultimate Travel Checklist
  10. How to Plan Your Cruise Travel


  1. Best Gardening Tools A Gardener Should Have
  2. X Grading Gifts Ideas Gardener Will Love
  3. How to Grow Herbs Indoor
  4. What are Gardening Tools and How to Use Them
  5. X Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants
  6. Best Fertilizer to Buy
  7. How to Provide Hit to Your Plants in Winter
  8. Top X Easy to Grow Vegetables
  9. How to Create Your Planters
  10. X Tips for Successful Square Foot Gardening


  1. How to Lose Weight Fast
  2. X Easy to Follow Exercises to Lose Belly Fat
  3. X Best Home Workout for Women
  4. Top Exercise for Women With Love Handles
  5. Best Weight Loss Plan for Teens
  6. X Best Ways to Lose Weight After 50
  7. X Simple Weight Loss Meal Plan for Summer/Winter
  8. How to Lose Weight After Thanksgiving
  9. X Foods that Burns Belly Fat
  10. X Quick Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy


  1. X Top Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
  2. Holiday Fashion Wish List
  3. Stay in Fashion Even With Cast
  4. How to Start a Fashion Blog
  5. What’s In My Closet
  6. X Must-Have Outfit Every Women Should Own
  7. X Wardrobe Essentials for Women Over 40
  8. X Top Jeans That Hides Belly Fat
  9. X Tricks to Make Cheap Outfits Looks Expensive
  10. Swimwear for Different Body Types

Blog Post Ideas for Money Blogs or MMO

Okay, we are on Make Money Online Niche which is very hot right now. Especially when the pandemic hit people who are searching for ways to work from home drastically increased.

So if you are blogging in this niche, then take notes of the following blog post ideas. But, this time I’m going to focus on the “Work From Home” category/sub-niche.

Work From Home

  1. How to Start A Blog
  2. X Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners
  3. Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing
  4. X Best Online Jobs for Students/Moms
  5. How to Become a Virtual Assistant
  6. How to Become a Social Media
  7. X Best Digital Products to Sell Online
  8. X High-Paying Work From Home Jobs
  9. X Reasons to Work From Home
  10. X Remote Jobs in My area
  11. X Places to Sell Your Crafts Online
  12. X Ways to Sell Homemade Products Online
  13. How to Sell Your Services Online
  14. X Helpful Ways to Create a Gig on Fiverr
  15. How to Start YouTube Channel Beginners’ Guide
  16. X Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In
  17. X Things to Remember in Buying Cryptocurrency
  18. X Bitcoin Alternatives
  19. How to Start Teaching Online
  20. X Essential Tools When Working From Home

Blog Post Ideas for Pet Bloggers

Pet blogs are becoming popular these days and it is a profitable niche as well. The following blog post ideas that you can use for your specific targeted niche.

For example, if you are blogging about dogs and you want to use blog post idea #3 then just change the “fish” into a dog. The result, “X Easy to Maintain Dog Breeds for Beginners” or “X Easy to Maintain Dog Breeds for First Time Dog Owners”.


  1. How to Potty Train Your Pup
  2. How to Choose the Right Kennels for Your Dog
  3.  X Best Cat Tower the Your Kitty Will Love
  4. Car Sickness in Dogs and How to Treat Them
  5. X Easy to Maintain Fish for Beginners
  6. X Simple Dog Treats Recipes
  7. X Easy to Teach Commands for Your Pups
  8. X DIY Cat Toys to Gift Your Kitties
  9. How to Setup a Hamster Cage
  10. Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your Dogs

Blog Post Ideas for Food Bloggers

Another profitable niche that you can start with is a Food Blog. If you are passionate about cooking and know how to cook then, this is the perfect niche for you.

There are many ways to monetize a food blog, it can be from affiliate marketing by offering products or kitchen tools you use, you can make money from ads, and also you can create your recipe book to sell.

Also, there are different sub-niches under the food industry. But I will focus on food and drinks in general. Don’t worry you can still use these blog post ideas just change the keywords to match your niche.

Food / Baking

  1. How to Start a Food Blog
  2. X Last Minute Recipes for the Holidays
  3. X Must-Have Baking Tools Every Home Baker Needs
  4. Quick and Easy To Do Kimchi Recipe
  5. X Easy Baking Recipes to do With Kids This Summer (Any Season)
  6. X Baking Hacks Every Beginner Should Know
  7. The Best Keto Ice Cream Recipe
  8. X Easy to Prepare Baby Shower Desserts
  9. X Dessert Garnishes Ideas
  10. Kid-Friendly Burger Recipes


  1. Best Espresso Machine to Buy This Holiday
  2. How to Brew Coffee: Beginners Guide
  3. X Things to Remember in Brewing Your Beer At Home
  4. X Top Cocktail Shakers Recommended by Bartenders
  5. X Cheap and Easy Cocktail Recipes to Make At Home
  6. X Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Beat the Summer Heat
  7. Beginners Guide to Latte Art
  8. X Easy Latter Art for Beginners
  9. X Must-Have Coffee Tools and Accessories
  10. What is Wine Refrigerator and Why You Should Have One

Blog Post Ideas for Hobby Bloggers

A hobby blog is something you can start easily because you will talk about your hobby, which can be playing an instrument, crocheting, drawing, dancing, gardening, and anything that you normally do in your free time.

You don’t need to be an expert, just share your hobby with your audience and let them know how you do it. Besides, it can be profitable too if done the right way.


  1. How to Crochet: Beginners Guide
  2. X Easy Patterns for Beginners
  3. How to Choose the Best Yarn for Your Crochet Project
  4. X Things You Should Know About Crochet
  5. X Easy Crochet Ideas for Summer
  6. X Best Crochet Ideas for Mother’s Day
  7. X Crochet Essential Tools to Get Started
  8. Beginners Guide to Crochet Hooks and Sizes
  9. X Best Ways to Store Crochet Yarns
  10. How to Make Money on Crochet Blogs

Bullet Journaling

While some of you may not consider Bullet Journaling as a hobby, it is a “creative hobby” to many including myself. It is a hobby because you spend some time creating it like what you do in other activities.

And bullet journaling will bring out your creative side. So if you’re in this niche, you can use the following blog topics :

  1. Ultimate Guide to Bullet Journaling
  2. X Ways to Use a Bullet Journal
  3. X Reasons to Start Bullet Journaling
  4. X Things to Include in Your Bullet Journal
  5. Bullet Journal (monthly) Prompt
  6. X Best Notebook to Use for Bullet Journal
  7. X Must-Have Bullet Journal Supplies
  8. How to Bullet Journal on a Budget
  9. X Ways to Use Bullet Journal for Productivity/Organization
  10. How to Make Money on Bullet Journal Blogs

Playing Guitar

  1. How to Play Guitar for Beginners
  2. X Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners
  3. Guitar Lessons for Kids
  4. X Easy to Play Guitar Chords
  5. Ultimate Guide to Electric Guitar
  6. X Guitar Trick to Play Like a Pro
  7. X Guitar Tools Every Guitarist Should Have
  8. How To Change Guitar Strings
  9. X Best Way to Clean Your Guitar
  10. X Guitar Blogs to Follow


  1. X Best Gaming Chair Every Gamer Use
  2. Ultimate Guide on Buying Console Games
  3. How to Start YouTube Gaming Channel
  4. Top X Gaming Headsets for Beginners
  5. X Best PC Games to Play Right Now
  6. X Best Handheld Game Console
  7. X Best but Affordable Gaming PC
  8. Best Mobile Games to Play in 2022 (year)
  9. X Educational Video Games for Homeschoolers
  10. Top X Gaming Keyboard of 2022 (year)

Digital Drawing / Digital Art

Guess what? I just checked the Digital Drawing topic in Google Trends and the results are good! So if you draw digitally then, it’s time to take the opportunity! Start a blog or your YouTube Channel.

Anyway, here are your blog post ideas for digital drawing :

  1. Beginners Guide to Digital Drawing
  2. X Things You Need for Digital Drawing
  3. X Best Digital Apps to Download
  4. Digital Art vs Digital Drawing: What’s the Difference?
  5. X Best Drawing Programs for PC
  6. X Steps to Draw in Your Computer
  7. Top X Best Drawing Tablet to Buy
  8. X Essential Tools for Digital Artists
  9. How to Start Drawing Digitally: Ultimate Guide
  10. X Ways to Sell Your Digital Drawings Online

DIY: Do It Yourself

  1. How to Start a DIY Blog in _____
  2. X Ways to Make Money on DIY Blogs
  3. X DIY Blogs to follow in 2022 (any year)
  4. Top X Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Kids
  5. X Easy DIY Earrings to Make on A Budget
  6. X DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home
  7. X Ways to Transfer Photos on Wood
  8. X Best DIY Christmas Tree Ideas 
  9. How to Transform Old Dresser to Bench
  10. X Ways to Make Money with DIY Blogs1

Whew! That’s a lot! But you know what? These are just a few of the blog post ideas I listed in this post, if you’d like to have the full list you can download it just click the link above.

Or you can bookmark and come back again.

Don’t forget to grab my Ultimate List of Blog Niches, it will be the perfect fit to Start Your Blog in 2022!

Wrapping Up

Finally, hope you find this post helpful. Did you find your “perfect ideas” to use in your next blog post? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to share this as well to help other bloggers!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post.

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