Ultimate List of Niches Ideas for your Blog (800+ Niches)

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Ultimate List of Niches So You Can Start Your Blog Now! (800+ Niches)

So, you’re thinking of starting a blog and finally decided to do it after watching tons of tutorials and reading blogs on how to start a blog. But, your action is put on hold because, until now you can not figure out your NICHE. Worst, you have no niche in mind at all!

Yes. It sucks! I know, I’ve been there. Choosing a niche can be really tough and time-consuming as well. But, don’t worry, I got yah! I prepared a LIST OF BLOG NICHES SO YOU CAN START YOUR BLOG NOW!

Before I continue, I suggest you read 4 Ways on How To Choose a Niche for Your Blog after you are done reading this post. It will be helpful for you to decide which Niche you should go to.

In this post I discussed the following :

  • What is blog niche? And sub niche?
  • Why do you need a blog niche?
  • How to choose your blog niche
  • Ultimate List of Blog Niches to Help You Start Your Blog Now

Excited? Let’s jump in.

What is blog niche? And sub niche?

Blog niche is simply your blog’s topic. All your blog posts revolve on that topic. And it is also the particular market that you are targeting.

Meaning, you are focusing your energy to attract people of the same interest.

It’s simple as it sounds but, when you are already in that “step” on deciding about your niche. That’s when things get complicated and confusing. Unless, you are already an “expert” on your chosen niche.

Like for example, if you are already an established body builder who want to start a blog, most likely you will choose body building as your niche. Because, you already know the topic. Therefore, picking a niche will not be time-consuming for you.

I remember when I was on my quest on finding ways to start a blog, a Youtuber, ( yep, I told I’ve been there ) talked about niche and he said that there are 3 profitable niches :




As you can see, these topics are all broad. Each of them has different branches and branches of topics under them. Which, leads me to my next point…

What is sub niche?

A sub niche is sub topic. Pretty straight forward.

Sub niche is very important because this is the way you can narrow down your niche.

Narrowing down your niche is very crucial for finding your right target audience therefore, it ensures your blog’s success.

So, let’s talk about it a little further.

In the beginning, I used body building as an example so, let’s just stick to that. Body building niche is actually jus one of the hundreds and hundreds of Health’s sub niches. Take a look at the illustrations below :

From the illustrations above, you can see that Health niche covers a whole range of topics!! And again, these are just the few of them.

That’s why narrowing down your chosen niche will help you choose the right people and you will be sure that every blog posts you will create will be relevant. And all your effort, time and money will not be in vain.

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Why do yo need a blog niche?

As I mentioned in my previous post, 4 Ways On How To Choose a Niche, your blog needs a niche for the following reasons. And these are actually correlates with each other.

1. Your blog will have a focus topic. You know what to talk about

2. Targeting your audience will be easier. Because you have a blog niche, you know the people who are interested and searching for it.

3. It will be easy to write blog posts. Therefore, it will be easy for you to create quality blog posts meant for your target audience. Because of this, you are most likely to be consistent in publishing blog posts.

4. You can position yourself as an expert on your niche quickly. The more you become consistent on publishing posts, the more you are going to help people solve their problems. As a result, you will be seen as an “expert” in your niche.

5. Monetizing your blog will be easy. Since you have a niche, you are able to target the right audience. So, you know who they are, their problems and their needs specifically. Hence, it will be easy for you to find or create products to help (sell) them.

Alright, now you know what blog niche and reasons why you should have it in your blog, I think you’re ready for the list of niches to help you finally start your blog! 

I’d like you to use this as preference just in case you find it difficult finding your niche.

Ultimate List of Blog Niches

The following list will include the main blog niche and it’s sub niches. 

With a total of 800+ niches!! Enough to allow you to start your blog!

Please note that I only include a few, because there would be too many of them in a single post. But don’t worry, at the end you will be able to download the list so you can print it.

Make Money Online / Work From Home

This blog niche became popular since 2018 and continue to become one after the pandemic hit. Where global economy experience a great impact, a lot of people got laid off from their jobs, and going out became limited.

So here are the sub blog niches on Make Money Online / Work From Home market or main blog niche.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money by offering other people’s products to your readers. And if they purchase you’ll get a commission on every product that is sold via your affiliate link.

2. E commerce

According to Wikipedia, E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the internet.

And the best example of it is, Shopify.

3. Blogging

Blogging like this one is also a good way of making money with just your computer and internet connection. Blogging opens up a door to a variety of ways to stream of income.

For example, you can make money through ads that posted in your blog. Or through affiliate marketing, promoting a product that is related to your niche.

And lastly, once a blogger became an expert and positioned herself or himself as an authority, the blogger may create his or her own products to sell. Much better, offer his/her services to help people with blogging.

4. Podcast

The Podcast Host define Podcast as an audio programme where you can subscribe to it and listen to your smartphone wherever you are.

Also, Podcast is becoming more and more popular these days that’s why I decided to include it in the list. More and more bloggers and Youtubers who’s been in the business for a while are doing Series of Podcasts.

So, I see a potential of making money on this field to. Have a look the result on Google Trends.

5. YouTube

I don’t think this list will incomplete if YouTube is not included, right? For sure many of you, while searching information about blog, creating your own YouTube channel may have crossed your mind as well

YouTube is pretty obvious is on of the great ways to make money online. So, if you are not a camera shy or your chosen niche is something that needs to be shown on videos rather than pictures, I suggest you pursue on having your own YT Channel.

Niche like, crafts, diy, workouts, tutorials are best fit for YouTube.

*There’s a lot more in the list.


Many are getting confused with Lifestyle niche. Lifestyle blogs are blogs that has 2 to 3 related niches combined that still focus on one specific audience.

Elna Cain’s Twin’s Mommy is a good example of it. On her blog, although she focuses on teaching moms to start their blogs, she also talks about being a mom raising twins, productivity, and side hustles for SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms).

Basically her target audience are stay at home moms who desire to earn extra income by blogging and some side hustles. And also how to still become productive in spite of busy schedule at the same time.

So, that’s one thing to remember just in case you’d go for multiple niches at the same time. Make sure that the niches are somewhat related to each other, and that you are focusing on specific target audience.

Sub niches for Lifestyle niche are :

1. Fashion

Talks about the latest fashion trends. And, Fashion is still a broad niche that can be narrowed down.

  • Baby Fashion Clothes
  • Toddlers Fashion Boys / Girls
  • Teens Fashion

– Well, fashion can not only be applied to adults! Baby Fashion and Toddler Fashion can be considered as well. And don’t’s forget teens too! Who are starting to get conscious about their out fits!

  • Accessories

– That can still be narrowed down to main accessories you can think of like, watches, bags, jewelries. And these can still be narrowed down if you’d like to focus to men or women.

> Watches for Men / Women

> Shoes for Men / Women

> Bags

> Jewelries

> Fashion Jewelries

  • Pregnancy Fashion

– Even you have a baby bump, you still want look gorgeous, right? For this niche you can talk about maternity clothes, underwear and even swimsuits!

  • 40s Women / Men Fashion

– You can also talk about different age range for this, it can be as young as 20s or 60s and 70s. Then, you can just decide if you can just choose if you’d like to focus more on men or women.

> High End Fashion

– Or luxury fashion is something that you can talk about if you are interested with brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other similar brands.

> etc

2. Beauty

Beauty is another broad niche and also considered as evergreen. Because people would always want to be beautiful, right?

Since it’s broad, here are some major sub niches that you can use to start your blog.

  • Makeup

– With Makeup niche, you can talk about different style of makeup, seasonal makeup especially Halloween!! I like Halloween makeup. Makeup tips will also be one of the most searchable topics.

You can talk about different makeup “weaponry” lol! Like, brushes, lipsticks, blush, concealer etc. (Obviously, I’m not into makeup)

  • Skin Care

– In this niche you can share your skin care tips, product you use and you can create product reviews as well!

  • Hair Care

– Like Skin care, you can also talk about pretty much the same thing, hair care tips, product reviews.

3. Parenting

If you are a parent then, parenting niche will be suitable for you. But then again it can still be niched down as follows :

  • Mom Blog – This is very popular these days. There’s so much you can talk about especially if your kids are still babies and toddlers.
  • Pregnancy – Share pregnancy tips to help expecting moms out there. Like, pregnancy exercises for different trimester, things that you need to prepare for the up coming baby. You can also talk about nursery room and furniture like cribs etc.
  • New Mom Tips – You can talk about tips for new moms. Share tips on how to deal postpartum depression which is a very important topic.
  • Losing Weight After Pregnancy – You can be creative on this one, you can talk about exercises that a mom can do at home.
  • Breastfeeding – You can talk about breastfeeding diet, position, food, and tips.
  • New Born – You can talk about baby names, clothes, new born photo shoot, and new born baby products.
  • Baby Food – Share your baby food recipes targeting different months. For example, baby food recipes for 6 mos old babies and so forth. Baby food brands are also good to talk about as well as baby food maker.
  • Baby Clothes / Gears
  • Dad Blog – If you’re a dad, you can share your experience or tips on how you take care or bond with them.
  • Single Parent – To be a single parent can be a struggle, so tips on handling things with kids and the house will be helpful.

4. RV Life

– RV Life is getting famous recently. In addition, with blogging you can share your RV Life through YouTube as well.

Things that you can about are, the best destination for RV in particular place. Cost of living and disadvantages of RV life can be good topics to share with your readers as well.

5. Travel – I decided to include Travel in this list. Although, these days we’re prohibited to do so but I’m thinking about post Covid, lol! Travel niche is also one of the evergreen niches out there!

  • Traveling on a Budget – Because traveling should not be expensive. So, tips on how to achieve that is one topic that you can discuss.
  • Family Travel – You can share tips on how to travel with toddlers, things that should be prepared in advance and also you can share family friendly destination too.
  • Adventure Travel – If you are a type of person that travels for solely adventure experience, then this is for you. You can share tips, essential gears, you can suggest the best locations depending on type of adventure your target audience are looking for. And because adventure travel can be risky, sharing safety tips will be good as well.
  • Solo Travel – In this niche you can blog about, the safest country or safest locations for solo travelers especially for women. You can also talk about essential gears and safety tips.
  • City Guides – Whether you are targeting group travel, you can always share the do’s and don’ts of a particular cities, suggest the cheapest hotels, restaurants and also you can let your readers know when is the right time to visit.

> Many more included in downloadable list!

Health & Fitness

People including you and I would always want to be fit and healthy. So, health and fitness niche is surely will stay in the business for a long time.

1. Fitness Training

  • Home Workout – Home workout will be very applicable nowadays where we can not go to the gym. And not only that, moms who have kids will benefit from this niche as well.
  • Home Training – While you can talk about almost the same topic as home workout, you may add workout routine using things that you can find at home.
  • Home Training Equipment – … or you can also suggest different home training equipment like foldable treadmills, kettles or dumbels.
  • Body Building (Men / Women ) – If you have knowledge in body building you can share it in this niche plus review different products that goes with it. Example, protein bars, recipes, etc.

2. Diet – It seems that more and more people turn into eating healthy. So, they search for different diet that will suit their lifestyle and needs.

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Vegan

– With these 3 different diet, people who are blogging on this niche mostly share recipes.

3. Weight Loss – From exercise tips, diet recipes, and gears are the things you can talk about in this niche.

4. Yoga – Yoga is still a broad niche, you can niche it down by targeting a specific person. For example, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for men in their 60s. And of course, the topics you can discuss are yoga movements, equipment, and yoga outfits.

5. Health – Health niche will be the most in demand niche and evergreen. But, it can be difficult to rank your post especially if you are not in the medical field.

Expect that your competitors would be Mayo Clinic, WebMd, Wikipedia and other big medical sites.

  • Diabetes – You can share any knowledge you know about Diabetes. Like the symptoms, foods to avoid, food recipes for diabetic and more.
  • Back Ache – On this niche, you can review products that associate in relieving back ache, probably a therapeutic pillow or beds, and you can share few exercises to relieve back ache.
  • Vitamins & Supplements – Since people are health conscious, they are always in search for the right vitamins & supplements for them. You can actually create a review and recommend.

> Few more on the list.


1. DIY – DIY and Life Hacks are niches that can be fun to do. And there are a lot of topics that you can cover and most of it would be “How To” tutorials. Accompany your blog post with videos, and you’e good to go.

2. Arts & Crafts – Arts & Crafts are niche that both adult and children will love. Bring the artist within you by talking about arts technique and style. Also, you can talk a lot of things, because Arts & Crafts can be applied to every season and holidays that you know of.

3. Gardening – If you have green thumb then, gardening is for you. You can talk about how to create garden with small spaces, or teach your audience to create one even they are living in an apartment.

Share tips on how to take care of specific plant, review of different fertilizer you use. And also you can talk about gardening tools as well.

4. Digital Drawing – Digital Drawing are becoming more and more popular. And many people want to learn about it. If you know how to create a masterpiece using your tablet or your phone, even computer– then, this niche is a fit for you!

You can talk about the gadget you use, material, and software.

9. Gaming – Gaming niche is also popular these days. It so popular that a platform was created exclusive for live gamers!

You can talk about different trending games, game gears, and you can also create reviews and suggest the best gaming products you use.

9. Photography – With Instagram becoming more and more prominent, so as Photography and anything that goes with it.

If you know tips and tricks on how to create stunning photos, then this niche is for you!


Pet blog is considered to be profitable niche. And can cover a lot of topics as well. So, if you have a pet buddy that you want to share with the world then, this is the right niche for you!

1. Dog – Dog niche is widely popular too! For sub niches or topics you can talk about under Dog niche are as follows :

  • Dog Breeds
  • Dog Training – Many dog owners will find dog training blogs useful and helpful.
  • Dog Food – You can recommend which dog food is best for a certain breed.
  • Dog Clothes & Accessories – Yep. Clothes and Accessories are not for hooman now– they’re for dog and cats as well. And there’s a possibilities that you can get high commission because dogs’ clothes and accessories are pricey!

2. Cats – For sub niches, you can just simply the same sub niches as the dog niche.

3. Exotic Pets – You can niched down this niche by tackling a specific kid of exotic pet. For example, you can focus on Llama. You can share how to care of it, its food diet, and grooming.


1. Meal Planning – Share your tips on how to plan your meal efficiently to avoid food waste. You can also create a quick meal planning for a busy lifestyle, and recipes on budget but healthy eating.

2. Baking – Sub niches for baking includes cakes, muffins, cupcake and a lot more! You can pick one to concentrate on and share your best baking recipes and kitchen equipment you use.

3. International Cuisine – You can share the best cuisine of your country or even your favorite International Cuisine.

4. Coffee – If you have ideas on how someone can make a “Starbucks” coffee in the comfort of their homes, then Coffee niche is for. Everybody loves Coffee! So, share your tips, equipment you use, and recipes to help coffee addicts out there!

These are just few Niches on the list that I am talking about. You can download the rest here :

Blog Niche Ideas

How to Choose Your Blog Niche

Well, now that I have given list of blog niches where you can choose from, I still believe that a question is still lingering in your mind :

“How am I going to choose one?”

Again, I created a post on Ways on Choosing a Niche if you’d like a detailed guide you can just go ahead and read it.

But, for the sake of this post, I’d still answer the question. And hopefully serve as a reminder as well.

In choosing a blog niche, it will be helpful if you know your topic. Or it can be something you are familiar with or had experience.

You don’t need to be an expert but, at least knowing even a little of your chosen niche would be way lot easier than something you have no knowledge about.

And it is also important that, you really like or what other bloggers say, “passionate” about your niche. Passion is needed because you are going to be writing continuously about the topic.

So, make sure that you can stick with you chosen niche for a long time.

Wrapping Up

There you go. These are just the few niches on the list and you can get the rest on the provided link up there.

As you can see, everything around you can be a niche, it just a question if the niche that you’re eyeing to is searched by people.

But, it doesn’t mean that you MUST choose the most searchable niche in the internet. Sometimes choosing the “not so popular” topic can help you rank in Google faster, because of its low competition. And you can still make money from it.

I hope this list will help you decide in choosing you blog niche. And when you’re done, you can go ahead and start your blog.

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  1. Hi Minah,

    This is a great article about blogging and how and why it is important to choose a niche. You give a complete explanation with great infographics! I agree with that there is so much to win in the affiliate marketing business model, you don’t need a big investment and you can build a business based on something you like.

    Continue the great work!

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Arnaud for dropping by and finding my post helpful.
      Yes indeed,affiliate marketing is the busniess model that is easy to
      start with also it has a low financial investment.

      Good luck to your business!

  2. By seeing all these ideas of niches it should not be hard for me to come up with another website idea with these ideas. I stumbled upon your website and seen the ultimate list for niche ideas.
    By reading further we became interested and learned something new today of plenty of ideas to keep writing for your topic or niche. whether you want to be a blogger, e-commerce store, or a Youtuber.
    With your help we decided to come up with another website not any of these ideas, but totally different. You gave us ideas of what to do, and how to do it, not only prepare us for our next niche but master it.
    We agree coming up with niche ideas is hard but once you have an idea jot it down on paper and map it out.


    • Thanks mathew for dropping by, and I’m glad you find this post helpful
      and I’m even happier that it opened your eyes to start with a new opportunity.


  3. Hi Mina

    Thanks for this. I was checking out a blog today that had rather a lot of niches! There was personal finance, travel, pets, fitness, and more – all in one blog! Don’t get me wrong – it was super, but from a point of view of narrowing down an audience, it’s not ideal. And Google won’t know what traffic to send.

    I’m with you on narrowing it down. Mine isn’t narrowed down enough but I am working on it!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Jean,
      Well, you can diferent niches in one blog anyway it’s yours right?
      I had that idea too, that if I talk about many thing things then I will be able to attract diferent people,
      however, as I go on, I learned that it’s actually the opposite.

      So, you’re right, niching down is the right way to do it.

      Best of luck,


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