What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? – Jaaxy Review 2021

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Welcome to my Jaaxy Review 2021

If you’re a content creator, affiliate marketer or a blogger, then you know how crucial keywords are! And how difficult to find the “perfect” keywords for your content. Read my Jaaxy review to know more.

Also, you’re a new blogger, it’s even more difficult. That’s why I created a review post about Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, a comprehensive tool in finding high traffic keywords with low competition for all type of online marketing.

So, you won’t struggle searching the right keywords for your next blog post!

What you will learn in my Jaaxy Review

Although this is an in-depth review, I’d like to know that I tried my best to make it concise and brief as much as possible.

So, without further ado, these are the things you will learn about Jaaxy :

  • What is Jaaxy?
  • Who is Jaaxy for?
  • How to use Jaaxy?
  • Jaaxy’s Main Attraction
  • Jaaxy’s Additional Features
  • How much is Jaaxy?
  • Things I like about Jaaxy
  • Things I wish Jaaxy has

After learning all the things I mentioned above about Jaaxy, it will help you decide whether Jaaxy is for you or not.

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Just to let you know, I am actually using Jaaxy as my keyword research tool. And this review is based on my own experience from using it.

*By the way, I would like to tell you that there are affiliate link(s) on this post. Which means that if you click any of it, will lead you to Jaaxy website and if you happen to buy it, I will get a commission with no extra cost from you. Here’s my full disclosure.

This is a very long post so I prepared a summary for those of you who prefer to glance. But reading this whole article from top to bottom will benefit you and will help you understand Jaaxy more.

Summary : Jaaxy Review


Product Name : Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Founder : Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Price :

  • Starter Trial  –  $0 (30 searches)
  • Pro               – $49 / mo
  • Enterprise     – $99 / mo

Summary :

Jaaxy is  a revolutionary keyword research tool that has easy-to-use, straight forward features that suitable for newbies and experts alike.

For :

  • Bloggers
  • content marketer
  • affiliate marketers
  • website owners
  • freelance writers
  • more…

Rating :  95/100

Recommended : YES!


What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, that most online marketers are using.

If you’re running a website and wants to get free traffic from (any) search engines, then, you got to have a decent keyword research tool.

You need to have target keywords in every content you create because, without it your post(s) or your content will be scattered and not focused.

Thus, you won’t be able to attract your target audience as well.

A keyword tool helps you :

  • Discover trending or related keywords to target
  • Gives you information of target keywords such as :
    • SEO score
    • Number of searches it has per month
    • Its competition
    • How much traffic will it give you in case your post landed on first page of SERPS

And that is what JAAXY is capable of.

My Jaaxy review will tell you why Jaaxy is good for new bloggers.

I highly recommend Jaaxy to because of the following reasons :

  • Jaaxy is easy to use that even a newbie can use it.
  • It is straight forward.
  • It doesn’t have bells and whistles that can confuse newbies.
  • It’s an online platform so, no need to download.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

So, before we dive in— first I want to put emphasis on Who is Jaaxy for in my Jaaxy review and who can benefit from it.

If you think you are on the list, then, I encourage you to read further because I can assure you, this post will help you decide whether Jaaxy is for you or not.

Jaaxy is beneficial for you if you are :

  • Professional Bloggers
  • Budding Bloggers (Newbie)
  • Site Flippers or Domain Flippers
  • Niche Chaser
  • Content Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Freelance Writers
  • PPC Advertisers
  • SEO Companies
  • If your Niche is about Viral News or What Trending On the Internet

Did you find yourself on the list? If you do, then, grab a coffee and stay with me.

How Does It Work?

Like what I’ve said earlier, Jaaxy is a revolutionary in finding high traffic keywords with low competition for all type of online marketing. It uses all the collected data from the three main search engines : Google, Bing & Yahoo. So, giving you highly preferable keywords as a result.

Not only that, it provides its users useful information such as the average number of many times that keywords(s) is being searched a month, the number of visit you’ll get in case you land on the first page on the search engines, QSR, KQI and…

You know what? Why shouldn’t I show you what’s inside Jaaxy? You may click this video to witness How You Can Use Jaaxy Like a Boss.

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Let’s proceed to my in-depth review of Jaaxy.


Learn Jaaxy’s Main Attraction in this Jaaxy review.

From the picture above, you’ll notice that there’s pink box. And for me, I called it Jaaxy’s Main Attraction, because this part is what I use the most.

As my example, I used the keyword “make money online” and it gave me some other related keywords and important data that I can use as well. These data are as follows :


Average which means the number of searches that the keyword receives per month. Which means, with the use of our example, the “make money online” keyword is being searched 72,459 times per month!


From the word itself, this will tell you how much traffic or how many visitors that your website will get in case your post make it to the page one of search engines. So, with the “make money online keyword”, I can expect to have 12,319 people visiting your website, if— you achieve first page rankings on search engines.


Will tell the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keywords. With “make money online” keyword, there are other 234 websites that are ranked in Google for this exact keywords, that’s lot!


Very straight forward. You will see on the picture above, green is for Great, yellow is okay or Normal and red indicates that your chosen keyword is Poor.


This is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page. The higher number the better, if the result is close to 100 the better.


Availability of the domains that are related to the keyword. This one here will be a big help if you are in domain flipping business or sells website. But, this portion can be a key feature if you want to buy a domain that is keyword rich. With example that we have here, Make Money Online as a keyword :

As you can see, in the image I provided, there are at least five available domain names that include your target keywords. But unfortunately, the “.com” domain name is not available.

It is highly recommended, although not necessary, that your domain name should have “.com”.

Alright, now that you have the idea on how Jaaxy works… Let me tell you the other additional useful features of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s Additional Features

 1. “The Alphabet Soup”

For those of you who doesn’t know what alphabet soup is… let me explain :

I didn’t know Alphabet Soup either until I became a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Have you ever notice that when you do your research on Google, you typed in your keywords— and Google just completes the search for you? It gives you the possible keywords that you are searching for.

Google predicts what you are about to type. And these results are based from the terms that are commonly searched recently. Let me show you.


As you can see from the keywords that I typed in, “How to sell…” Google predicted that I maybe trying to research on : How to sell on amazon How to sell on eBay How to sell on coupang (it’s an online store here in Korea) so on and so forth…

Now, in Alphabet Soup technique, I will use the same set of keywords plus the letter a :

How to sell + a

See what happened? This will go on and on as you add any letter (in any order) to your target keywords.

What is the essence of it? You may ask?

Well, it gives you ideas, concepts on what to write based on your chosen niche.

From the example above, you can only see that Jaaxy has given me the result only up to the letter c. But it actually comes down to the letter z.

After that, you can do a research on that particular keywords or you can save it for future use. How cool is that?

2. Saved List or Keyword List Manager

As you go on and eventually get the hang of keyword research, you’ll find yourself ending up with lots of it. You may write those keywords somewhere, but you might lose them.

This is how Jaaxy’s Saved List comes in handy. Because, it gives you the ability to save those keywords in one place for your future use. Or even use them for your PPC Campaign. You may export those lists on a .txt format or on a .csv.

3. The Search Analysis

This feature is bigger than what you think, why?

Because, this Jaaxy Feature… It allows you to “spy” on your competitors! But not in the bad way, okay? It just that, Jaaxy shows you all the important information that you can use as a leverage to compete with them!

I actually ranked #7 on that same Keywords.

So what I am showing you here is, that Jaaxy provides you the top 10 REAL TIME PAGE 1 GOOGLE RESULT. Do you see those View Details buttons? If you click on that it will show data about what are your competitors doing or have done with their article that lead them to rank on Page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

And those data are as follows :

  • Meta Description
  • Keyword Density
  • Word Count
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Ad Sense (If they’re using or not)

Having you the knowledge or access to these particular data, will help you figure out what you should do and not to do on creating your article or use these to your old posts that are not ranking to get them ranked.

Like for example, the Word Count and Keyword Density, search engines particularly Google loves site that is long quality content but not over stuffing with keywords.

So this feature is big for me personally. Knowing WHO you are competing with, what are they doing, gives you an edge on writing a content that can stand them or perhaps outranked them!

4. Site Rank

Site Rank– another useful and important feature of Jaaxy.

From the title itself you can already tell, what it does, right? Site Rank shows you, your website rank for a particular keyword.

With a long tail keyword “Ways To Make Money on Wealthy Affiliate”, you can see that I ranked #8. And you may see your competitors’ rank too. (I noticed that I made a mistake on my meta description… oops!)

Tracking your rank can be done manually as well, but if you’re also concern about your rank in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, Jaaxy made it possible to see three search engines all at the same time. So, another less work!

Another good thing about it is, it lets you track your Site Ranking automatically.

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5. Affiliate Programs

This is somewhat helpful for affiliate marketers. Jaaxy made it easy to find Affiliate Programs that you can join.

All you have to do is to typed in you keywords that you are targeting, and Jaaxy will give you information regarding Affiliate Programs along with the commission details and the Affiliate Network. Here is an example :

From the image above, it shows the Affiliate Programs, the Product Website, the Commission and even Alexa Rank. Jaaxy has included 4 Affiliate Networks:

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Digital River

It will save you time on searching for Affiliate Offers, but, for me it’s limited. There are so many networks out there that you can find.

6. Brainstorm

This is what Brainstorm look like inside Jaaxy :


As you can see, it contains topics that are trending on Google Trends, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter. It will be helpful if your niche belongs to any of these topics.  This will be beneficial if you’re in Viral News Company or your website covers that niche.

But, for me, it is not. So, I don’t actually use it for now.

7. Jaaxy Help or Jaaxy Tutorial

For this part, I don’t use it. Because, I have already learned from the training inside the Wealthy Affiliate plus there are more new training about Jaaxy inside WA.

And I believe, I have to be honest on this part, I wish that they could update the tutorial. When you get to see it, it still covers Jaaxy 2.0 and you’ll notice the date. Although, there are no big difference between the older version versus the version now, but yet… it will be more helpful if the video is up to date.

8. Jaaxy Affiliate Program

If you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you automatically have the privilege to use Jaaxy as a starter member.

And also you can be a Jaaxy affiliate. A chance for you to earn a lucrative income.

Check the image below to see your possible earnings if you promote Jaaxy :

This means that, if you promote Jaaxy to other people or to your friend, and she purchased Jaaxy’s pro version, you can earn $20 monthly as long as she is subscribed.

Anyway, please check the pricing form the image below:


How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Okay, now I’m going to talk about the pricing here. It is a delicate matter because most of us are after for free stuff, right?

But here’s the thing— Everything that you can get for free is limited, (of course) besides, you are actually building your business here so… spending bucks is expected and just consider it as an investment that will benefit you and the growth of your business.

Here is a quote that I read from one of WA member’s blog, it says :

“The act of payment creates a sense of commitment.”

Which is very true in many aspects.

Here’s the price range and what you can get from it :

What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?
Image from Jaaxy.com

But! There’s Jaaxy Lite

Wait… What?

You maybe asking, What is Jaaxy Lite?

Jaaxy offers much lesser price range or in a discounted price if you are or become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

And… if you are WA Premium Member, automatically you’ll have a JAAXY LITE MEMBERSHIP!! which means you still have the opportunity to use it before you decide to upgrade your membership.

Oh, and by the way I’ve written a review if you wish to know more about or what is Wealthy Affiliate. Check my post.

So here’s what you gonna get with JAAXY LITE :

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches 25 Keywords Result
  • 100 Site Rank Scans
  • 10 / letter Alphabet Soup Result

With Advance Features :

  • Manual QSR (Competition)
  • Manual Domain Availability
  • Affiliate Program Search

I know that we are all rely on visuals here. So, I provided an image to understand it more and for you to compare it as well.

Jaaxy Review 2019

How cool is that? This is one of so many proof that being in Wealthy Affiliate is awesome. It just keeps getting better and better as time passes.

And let me tell you this, this offer for Premium Member happened only last December of 2017!

If you wish to read further more, Carson on of the owner of WA wrote a post about the the new Jaaxy. Access it HERE.

Things I Like About Jaaxy

Well, I like Jaaxy so far for following reasons :

  • Very Straight Forward
  • Beginner Friendly (Super Easy to Use)
  • Fast and Accurate
  • It gives Important Data and has Useful Features
    • Keyword Search Data
    • Features like :
      • Alphabet Soup
      • Search Analysis
      • Site Rank
      • Keyword Management

Things I wish Jaaxy Has

I wish Jaaxy has or can be used locally and to have a language option. It might be too much to ask, because I know that most Keyword Research Tool doesn’t have those either.

It’s just that, my husband and I run a local business as well. So, I wish I could use Jaaxy for that purpose too.

Wrapping up

All in all, I like Jaaxy, obviously. Jaaxy may not be the most famous and perfect Keyword Research Tool that you can find, yet Jaaxy gives you what it promised to give you. And you will not get disappointed.

Other Keyword Research Tools out there may give tons of data that can be confusing especially to beginners.

Besides, Jaaxy is created by the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate. The company has been in the business since 2005! So rest assured that Jaaxy is reliable and trust worthy.

Lastly, Keyword Research Tool, whether it’s Jaaxy or others, remember that it will be just a “TOOL” to help you and me to rank on search engines. It is not a button to success or a golden nugget.

At the end of the day, the work will still be up to us. What I’m trying to say is “


The Verdict

Of course Jaaxy is a revolutionary tool. Therefore, it is highly recommended!

Try it for FREE!

Good news is, you can try it with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIREMENT!


Your Thoughts

Whew! This post finally came to an end! Hope your still reading.

I don’t want to leave you just like that– You know that your thoughts are so important to me.

What Keyword Research Tool you’re using? or used? Have you ever used Jaaxy? If yes, you can tell me if I missed anything thing that you want to add or correct. Please share your experiences, I would love to hear ’em!

Let’s exchange stories on comments!

If you find this post informative, please do share it.

Thanks and I’ll see you on my next post!

32 thoughts on “What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? – Jaaxy Review 2021”

  1. Hands down the best keyword tool out there, i have been using Jaaxy for a year now and I would not have achieved what I have now, if it wasn’t for Jaaxy.

    Great review, all the way to the point and fully detailed. Love it!

    • Hey Kayin,
      Thanks for spending some time reading my post.
      Glad that you are enjoying Jaaxy coz I do too.
      And I’m happy to know that you loved my post.

      Wishng you success,

  2. Hi Minah, your article was a real eye-opener for a newbie-blogger like me. I’ve known jaaxy for sometime now but never knew as much detail as covered in your article. The ‘research analysis’ and ‘site rank’ sections are completely new to me. They were very well explained.
    I’ve definitely benefited from reading your article and thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Hey Daniel,
      Thanks for spending time to read my post.
      I’m happy that you find value on it.

      Now, that you know about the Jaaxy’s Site Rank and Search Analysis, now,
      it’s time for you to use and start benefiting from it. ?

      Wishing you success,

  3. Hi. I’ve been using a couple of keyword research tool recently and i found, that you get best results when using few of them at the same time. I’m currently using Jaaxy+Ubersuggest+Google trends+Autofill searchbar. Works like a charm. Are you using Jaaxy on it’s own?

    • Hi Roman,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Oh, good to know that you’re using different tools.
      As for me, as of now, I’m fully contented with Jaaxy. I use Google Trends, but not as much as Jaaxy.

      I might try Ubersuggest, and see if it’s gonna work for me.

      Wishing you success,

  4. Hello, I’m very excited to read your complete article because of the Jaaxy keyword. I am an online marketer I learned a lot from here that my marketing will be very useful. I myself also used the Jaaxy keyword. The jaaxy keyword has got the witch benefit. It is very powerful and effective from all other keywords. This is a 100% trusted keyword. I have seen this keyword performance from my experience. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful article.

  5. In the beginning I found all this jargon quite overwhelming and I didnt know what all the abbreviations meant. Its important to focus on the important values which for me in the beginning were AVG, QSR and KQI. Its easy to be carried away with the millions of metrics but once I had these 3 clear in my heard, it helped with choosing the right keywords which is essentially the cornerstone of the process. 

    Jaxxy in my opinion is one of the best research tools out there as its cost competitive and really easy to use. 


  6. Very detailed and thorough review, Minah!

    As a Jaaxy user myself, I especially love its user interface. You don’t need to learn how to navigate as everything is laid out pretty intuitively. For more frequent and advanced users, I’d definitely recommend upgrading to the Enterprise version. With a lot of the essential functions automated, it saves you a lot of that valuable time you need when doing keyword research.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thorough  personal opinion about Jaaxy. I fully agree with you that Keywords are important if you want to be successful in online marketing. I also think that Jaaxy is very helpful and a good tool. To be honest you have shared also new information to me like ’it lets you track your Site Ranking automatically.’ I haven’t used it so far but I will. You are absolutely right that without our own effort no success can be achieved, but if we are offered great tools like Jaaxy, it’s much easier to be successful. When do you use Jaaxy most: before finding your keyword?

  8. Hi Minah,
    Thank you for the article. I found it to be a very interesting read. As a newbie blogger I found this article very useful, and applicable. I’ve been using Jaxxy for a few months now, and it is easier to use than other keyword tools I’ve come across. Thanks for some tips as well, which I had not yet discovered about Jaxxy until your article.

  9. Hello there Minah what an informative article that you have written about the Jaaxy keyword tool. 

    I personally use jaaxy and it is one of the best keyword tools that I have used so far. I really like how you break down every feature Jaaxy within your article and you give really good understanding.

    I have a question. What are the 3 bonuses that one gets if we purchase from your link. I am just curious.

    Also well done on being ranked number 8 for a pretty cool keyword. I saw that in your image for the #4 Site Rank point.

    Well done.

    For those that may read this blog, I agree if you need a good keyword research tool then Jaaxy is the way to  go and you can try it for free. Get jaaxy today.

  10. This is an amazing review of Jaaxy! I’ve tried a few more tools within keyword research niche, tools like MOZ Keyword Explorer or KWFinder. Although they were performing very well and I got plenty of useful data, I’ve decided to stick with Jaaxy. It is a powerful tool that has everything one blogger needs and it’s highly recommended. Thanks for sharing this review.

  11. Hello Minah,

    thanks for that great post!
    I knew Jaaxy before already. Or let’s say I thought I know 🙂
    Your article is really going into detail and there are a lot of things I haven’t been aware yet.
    Many thanks again!
    Best Regards,

  12. Thank you for your very thorough review. I’ve heard lots of great things about Jaaxy and have been debating getting a paid account. The one thing I was curious about re: the free account though: It says you get 30 free searches. Do these 30 free searches refresh after a certain period of time (e.g. 30 free search every calendar month) or do you get 30 free searches and you’re done? I’m nervous I’ll use up all my searches trying to find one decent keyword, and that’ll be it. Any insight you can share on this would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Mia,
      Thanks for dropping by. And I’m glad that you find my post helpful.
      With regards to your question.

      Yes, I’m afraid so, your search is limited to 30 if you have Jaaxy Free Account. After that it may ask you to
      upgrade your membership.
      But if you’ll be a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be automatically become a Jaaxy Lite Member.
      It’s still free (good news) and you’ll have unlimited keyword searches.
      Plus you can use other features of Jaaxy as well.

      Hope it answered your question.

      Wishing you success,

  13. Hi! Thank you for this very clear information on the useage of Jaaxy. I’m pretty new to keywords and SEO in general. How many different good quality keywords does one article need to be highly ranked in the search engines?

    • Hi Angelique,
      Thanks for your time.
      That’s a very good question. Using good quality keywords within your content is really important,
      but, you have to make sure that you are not over stuffing it. Google particularly, doesn’t like that.

      What I can advice to you is that, focus on your target keyword and try your best to give solution
      to your readers to get what they came from.
      Try to talk naturally as possible, if you will keep on inserting your keywords in every line of your content,
      you will end up losing its’ essence.

      Hope it helps.


  14. Dear Mina
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

  15. Hi Minah, thanks for this – I do use Jaaxy but have to say I haven’t felt the fill benefits yet from a ranking perspective, this may be because I’m not targeting the low hanging fruit well enough but it is easy to use for sure.

    • Hi Bhavik,
      Thanks for your time and sharing your experience.
      Well, there are a lot of components for your post to rank. And targeting a low hanging fruit
      is just one of them.
      Google favors a long (2k words min.) but quality content. Consistency in writing is another thing
      that you have to consider.

      Hope it helps.

      Wishing you success!

  16. This is a really informative and complete review on Jaaxy! I have been using this keyword tool for some time. And i find it is really helpful for me to choose the right keyword for my article and building content around it. Easy to use and rich in functions. Surely one of the best tools on market!

  17. Hi Minah, thanks for this imformative and eye opening article. I now have a better idea how to use Jaaxy and will definitely be using over the coming months to build up my website.
    Thanks again, Frank

  18. I am curious to know if you have experience with another keyword tool called long tail pro? I was doing some research and found that it is cheaper than Jaaxy assuming you aren’t using Jaaxy lite. It seems that different keyword tools have different measurements as far as measuring competitiveness and volume is concerned.

    • Hi Jessie,
      Long Tail Pro, yes I have heard good stuff about it.
      And yes, it’s cheaper, and because they have promotion going on I think it’s even cheaper.

      I tried the LTP, but back then, I was just starting out and having difficulties on understanding
      “terminologies”. So prefer simpler, and since there’s a community behind Jaaxy that I can immediately
      ask help whenever I need– I chose to stick with Jaaxy.

      But as my blog grows, I believe that the need for different tools will be bigger as well, because of that
      I am open and willing to try Long Tail Pro or any other different tools.
      I agree, that different keyword tools have different measurement of a keyword’s compatetiveness and volume.

      But for now, I am very much contented and happy with Jaaxy.

      Hope it clarifies everything.


  19. I love Jaaxy! For me it is the best word search engine for a beginner like me, because everything is straight forward. Your post was very informative and so helpful, I didn’t really know how to use the search analysis to “spy” on competition, but your explanation is very understandable and direct. Thank you for writing this great post on Jaaxy, as this helps to understand better aspects about Jaaxy that I didn’t understand. You were very informative and helpful in this post that I read all of it and didn’t get bored at all! It’s true as you say this is to help our business, but it’s up to us to work our business and we do have to invest some money to build .
    All the Best,

    • Hi Robert! Glad that you liked my post.
      I really tried my best to cover everything that I could think of that a reader will be searching for.
      That’s why the post was long.

      Now that you know, you can “spy” on your competitors… You better use that Jaaxy feature!
      Wishing you success.

  20. This is a great post on Jaaxy! I’m a beginner to using it for keyword research so you have definitely opened my eyes concerning some of the other features – like site rank and the search analysis. Thanks for the helpful post!


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