WebTalk — The Next or THE NEW FACEBOOK?

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I’ve been hearing this “WEBTALK” recently. I see posts/blogs and receive invites in Facebook. Some says, it’s the “new thing” in social media, a good replacement for Facebook. While others believe otherwise.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to dive in. And because I am a person with dignity lol, I chose to be invited by the first person who introduced me to WebTalk (I received a lot of invites…). And actually, there is something that caught my attention, reason for me join WebTalk.



PRICE : FREE AND WILL ALWAYS BE [ Though there’s an Upgrade involve that you don’t have to. I will discuss that later in this post. ]

STATUS : Beta Testing and Invitation Only



A WebTalk is a or another form of social media. WebTalk -- The Next or THE NEW FACEBOOK?

Where you can maintain your personal, professional, and business life online. It is (or will be) the first all-in-one communication, collaboration, and commerce networking community. Built to help you better and save time.

With WebTalk, you strengthen relationships with more targeted and visible communication.

In WebTalk, YOU have the power to control your contacts, feed or info that you are sharing.

WebTalk puts YOU in-charge of who sees what and when.

And the good news is… It’s FREE. Right now it is still on Beta Testing, so users are able to use the features with no limit. And it is also FREE to be an Affiliate.


In an effort to be completely transparent, I want to let you know that I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies whose products or services I recommend.
This means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission or credit if you decide to buy any of their products or services. Click here for more.





  • Well, first and foremost, like what I said it WebTalk gives you the power to control of who sees what and when.

So basically, with any other social media accounts, you only have “friends” or “followers”. While, in WebTalk it allows you to create multiple networks / list of networks. That gives you the choice on what ‘Data’ they can access to your profile, whether your personal data only, professional data only, or both. (PIC)

WebTalk -- The Next or THE NEW FACEBOOK?

                                                                            ( Image for WebTalk.co )

  • The second thing, “THE REFERRAL COMMISIONS”

WebTalk is sharing 50% revenue for life WebTalk -- The Next or THE NEW FACEBOOK?or the 5-Tier Bonus with its Beta users. And this is the part where most people are going crazy about.
This is the reason why they’re saying : “INVITE THEM BEFORE THEY INVITE YOU”


Like what I mentioned, WebTalk is currently in Beta Testing, and they are rewarding the first 1,000,000 members, or the ‘Beta Testers”, 50% revenue for life, for helping Webtalk to grow its community through referrals.

[Update: They have removed the limit of Beta testers. The 50% revenue for life, will also be available for people who join WebTalk before it goes live.]

During Beta testing, the pre launch of the affiliate program is available within your WebTalk account. All referral now will begin paying commissions upon the official launch of the affiliate program or the SocialCPX as they called it, planned to launch early 2019!

Only Beta testers who join now are eligible for the referral program paying up to 50% of all revenue for life! After Beta testing is completed, the affiliate program will pay 10% for life. Beta testers are guaranteed the commission program paying up to 50% for life.

WebTalk is sharing up to 50% Revenue for LIFE with Beta users for helping WebTalk to grow its community and generate revenue early so the company doesn’t have to raise venture capital to fund the process and lose control of their mission to change how Social Networking operates.

Think about that, Facebook generated $40 BILLION last year, which means if and when we reach their size we could be paying out up to $20 BILLION in commissions to all of you, our Beta users every year.

With that being said, all the products that WebTalk built over the years, they are giving its Beta users a FREE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME to share in WEBTALK’S SUCCESS in BIG WAY!

Exciting isn’t it? This is the reason why, I joined. And hopefully you too.

Check out WebTalk —- Here

The 5-Tier Bonus for Beta Testers

I would like to explain this part in a very simplistic way. Because I don’t want you to click my link, without full knowledge of it and discover something that might disappoint you later on.

In order for you to qualify for 5-Tier Bonus, You have to have completed your profile according to its Completeness Meter.

Which includes : Adding your experience, your education, you have uploaded your photo, added a short bio, added 10 connections (friends/followers) added contact info. And finally, get a recommendation.

And then you should start referring people to WebTalk, since it’s on “invitation only” period, if somebody clicks your link and join WebTalk, automatically that person will be under you.

So, as an Affiliate Team Trainer, if ONE of your referrals upgraded or purchase any of WebTalk’s PRO Premium Packages (monthly or annually)… You then be rewarded—

10% Revenue Share For Life on all revenues generated through a 5-tier referral network (people you invite,, they invite, who they invite through 5-Degrees of separation)

(Image from WebTalk.co)

1. 10% (your referrals)


2. 10% 

3. 10%

4. 10%

5. 10% 

It’s up to 50% revenue for LIFE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Only users who join WebTalk’s Beta test launch will be eligible for the 5-Tier revenue sharing commission plan upon the launch of the SocialCPX program. All others who join affiliate program after Beta testing has been completed will not be eligible for this bonus.

Market averages suggest the 5% of your referrals will upgrade from a Free account to a Paid Pro account (approximately 1/10 people you invite to WebTalk). Therefore, it is suggested to invite at least 20 people to join WebTalk to give you better opportunity to earn the bonus.

It’s not a bad thing after all, and besides if there’s no revenue to be generated then there’ll be no revenue to share.

If you are wondering what will the Premium Pro Features Packages about, here it is :

WebTalk Premium Pro                    ( Image from WebTalk.co )

Update November 7, 2018 : WebTalk released a sneak peek of the upcoming update. Which is the new and improved newsfeed talk box, where you can :

  • Post to Facebook from WebTalk
  • Post to LinkedIn from WebTalk
  • Post to Twitter from WebTalk
  • Post to Slack from WebTalk
  • Add multiple photos and videos to a slideshow post via YouTube and Vimeo links.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos stored to profile galleries.
  • Consolidated shares of the same post my multiple contacts.


Upon joining WebTalk, there are few things that I didn’t like and find it questionable (at first).

But it has all been answered as I spent some time in WebTalk, and learned more about it. Let me give examples :

  1. When you go to the WebTalk’s official site– You won’t see much, details that will tell you about WebTalk.
  2. No FAQ.

                                                                                                                                                          Image from WebTalk.co

My probable answer to these are because WebTalk is still in Beta and invitation only, therefore you have to get in to see or get information of what WebTalk is. Regarding FAQ, the CEO and Founder RJ Garbowicz’ WebTalk profile serves as the FAQ for the time being.

So, hopefully these will all be resolved when WebTalk’s Beta testing is completed and finally goes live.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re gonna ask me if WebTalk is a scam?–

Well, it’s still early to judge because like what I’ve mentioned, it’s currently in Beta testing. We will find it out later on. But in my opinion I don’t think it is.

Will it replace Facebook?

Possible. With all the developments and features that WebTalk are doing right now, plus the increasing members each month, yes, I can say that there is the possibility that WebTalk will replace Facebook.


So, remember it’s “Invitation Only”. You can not just go to WebTalk and create an account. YOU HAVE TO BE INVITED. If you are like me or curious, you can join me here, and decide later.

Come to think of it… If WebTalk becomes the biggest Social Networking platform, wouldn’t you want to be the first / top of the line?

Their slogan :

Makes perfect sense because if WebTalk becomes successful, you would want to be close to the top and be the first to refer WebTalk to EVERYBODY you know before someone does!


Thanks for spending time with me again. Please let me know if you want to add something, or correct the information given. Write it down the comments below, I’ll be happy to get back to you.

And if you find value on this post, please do share it. Thanks!


Wishing you success,





21 thoughts on “WebTalk — The Next or THE NEW FACEBOOK?”

  1. It does seem like a second facebook. After reading your post I also did a little research on them and it looks very ok. The user interface looks good. Their affiliate program does look eye catching and it looks like what a lot of people would like to be a part of but it seems those that get involved during the beta stage are eligible to more than those that join after the beta stage.
    I would like to see a social media platform that is capable of replacing or giving facebook a run for its money.
    Thanks for this review and recommendation.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Manuel. Yes. Actually WebTalk is like LinkedIn and Facebook combined in one. At first, I’m skeptical about it– but it’s free, and I am curious as well.
      I hope for it’s success, because, at lot of people will benefit from it.

      Thanks again, and wishing you success!

  2. I’d signed up for WebTalk but I admit I’m still not fully understanding of its scope.  So I appreciate your rundown.

    I watched their video and think that it will indeed rival the likes of Facebook with its messenger for videoing and such – so I’m glad about that because I do not believe Facebook should be without rivals.  So I’m eagerly awaiting their further progress.


    • Hi Cath,

      Yes, it is true, Facebook needs a rival! lol Not only that, they’ll have an update where you can post to Facebook, twitter or YouTube within WebTalk. So, for me, i’t a good feature.

      Thanks for stopping by and wishing you success.


  3. I joined webtalk a few months ago but have never really looked into it all and the benefits of it but I have been looking at a few reviews recently to see other people’s opinions of it.There have been mixed reviews on webtalk and it’s nice to get a different perspective on the new Facebook platform before I commit to using it more, I have got a few referrals myself but haven’t seen any commissions yet coming from them so I’m not entirely sure if it’s all real or not.Have you received any money for getting people to sign up or do you only get the commission only when they upgrade as I thought you get $1 for every referal

    • Hi Matthew,

      Nice of you to stop by. Well, I was invited in WebTalk a month ago actually. And like you– I didn’t look around either. But, a couple of weeks ago I decide to spend time to know WebTalk more, and yes I got interested to the bonuses.

      Well, about the compensation, as I mentioned on my post, Affiliates will start to get paid after WebTalk goes live. 

      Thanks again and wishing you success,


  4. Hi Mina, Thanks for sharing this wonderful information regarding WebTalk. It is good to know that they are up to 5 tier. Are they still in beta? My friends are telling me that this is a good site but some are doubtful about the income structure.  The site looks like facebook but to become a member one should have an invitation or link as referral from a member. This blog gives a detailed information about the site. Keep up the good work! 

    • Hi BA!

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, they’re still in Beta, therefore you still have the chance to be a Beta users. Anyway, even if you join after they go live, you can still be an affiliate but, you won’t be eligible for the 5-Tier Bonus.

      If you received invites, go ahead and try it. Anyway it’s for free, you’ve got nothing to lose.

      Wishing you success,


  5. Hello Mina, thanks for this eye opening post about WebTalk. I keep hearing WebTalk from everyone and people keep sending me messages to join but I don’t know what it is. However, reading your post has really given me clarity about this new social media in the market. Also, it had changed a lot of misconception I had about it.

    It’s seems WebTalk is a great way to generate a steady stream of income if you manage to get many people to sign up the social media. Their slogan says it all and I love their slogan. Looking at their increase rate, it’s seems that they could become part of the major social media such as Facebook or Twitter. I think I am going to give this social media a shot because it seems like a hot cake at the moment. Thanks for this post Mina.

    • Hi, Kuu,
      Glad that you stopped by.
      Indeed, WebTalk is growing fast, so there is the possibility that it can become a huge social network.
      If you receive invitations, just try it on see for yourself. Anyway it’s FREE, you got nothing to lose.

      And the good part about it, you can earn while using it by referrals.

      Wishing you success,

  6. Hey Mina, how you doing?
    Girl is very interesting your article. Before I use to think that’s FaceBook would falling apart ever, but with all the scandal lately, I started to change my mind about that. Is nice to know that someone out there (Webtalk) is here to comparing and try to do a better job than FB thas, giving us a platform for our business where we can control all our social media simultaneous and the best part is all for free.
    I am very curious about, so I am thinking in do like you did, jump in to know better; if I don’t like I come out. The good thing I like so far is the referral commission, sound attractive.
    Thank you so much for introducing us this new network and for the invitation.

    • Hi Telma,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, you can definitely just leave WebTalk if in case you won’t like it. But I don’t think it will happen.
      I like it so far, and trying to promote it– I might get benefits, who knows? right?

      Anyway, thanks again.

      Wishing you success,

  7. This sounds like a very unique form of social media. While I’m not sure if anything will ever supplant Facebook, it definitely could use some competition and WebTalk may be it. This article has definitely enticed me to click through your link to learn more about it. Thank you for the informative article. Will be sharing!

  8. Hello Mina,

    This was a very extensive and informative article about this new breed of social network. It really intrigued me. I was expecting that Facebook would find its match one day. I really hope that there will be even more useful and sophisticated social networks in future that will offer new and exciting perks.

    • Thanks Asen for dropping by.
      Yeah it is somewhat, good to know that finally there is something that can rival Facebook. I like Facebook– but with what’s going with them lately… ummm.

      What I like about WebTalk is the commission that they’ll be offerring and the “new features” they have in the future.
      Anyway thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

      Wishing you success,

  9. Wow, what a great read! I had never heard of this before now and it sounds pretty intriguing. Invitation only sites are the best, lol. Thank you for sharing this information, I will be keeping my eye on this for now…

  10. Great info! Never heard about Webtalk before. I have checked it out and it seems they do have some premium plans, and the free plan doesn’t offer much but the affiliate program looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Mina,
    I have also heard a lot about webtalk but I am a newbie to the marketing world. So, I have just a basic idea and maybe need more time to get knowledge before I jump in. Anyway, Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I can see that you have done a wonderful job on finding the information. All the very best for your success 🙂


    • Hi Image,
      Thanks for dropping by. That is very smart of you. Do your research first before jumping to any programs in front of you.
      But anyway, WebTalk is free to try– so you’ve got nothing to lose.

      Wishing you success,


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