What You Should Know about WEALTHY AFFILIATE : An Honest Review

What You Should Know about WEALTHY AFFILIATE : An Honest Review

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Hi! I’m back with another lengthy blog post. This is my Personal Review  and What You Should Know About Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, I recommend to read this post thoroughly for it will help you. Since, this is long, I decided to divided it into 2 parts :

  • A QUICK REVIEW – so you don’t have to undergo a painful reading of almost 3K- word post; and will include brief answers that you might have regarding Wealthy Affiliate;
  • A DETAILED REVIEW – if you want to know Wealthy Affiliate better.



NAME : Wealthy Affiliate

OWNERS / FOUNDERS : Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

SINCE : 2005

PRICE : $0 for Starter Membership ; $49 / month for Premium Membership

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

– Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides training and teaches YOU and ME on how to start and grow an online business.

How Much do I Have to Pay to be a Member?

– You can join for free as a Starter Member. What is good about it is that, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. Although the things that is available for you is limited… Still with Starter Membership, you can build 2 free websites and you can have access to at least 20 training courses.

– Or YOU can upgrade to be a Premium Member with tons of benefits. It will give you FULL ACCESS TO ALL AREA OF WEALTHY AFFILIATE e.g All trainings, 1-on-1 Coaching, Webinars, 24/7 and Live Support, 50 Websites and a lot more. All these will guide to have a successful online business.

You will be charged $19 for your first month then it will be $49 monthly after that. Or you can pay yearly to $359.





Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or just Another Scam?

Nope. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. You can see it for yourself if you don’t want to believe me or other reviews of WA. Since you can join for free, look around the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and you’ll see Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate members, I included some of them on this post if you scroll down.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches its Members on how to build their own website, write a blog about a topic that interest you and targeting group of people that shares your interest. With that, you can earn money by leveraging other peoples’ product which is Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s say, You are a Camper. You know a lot about camping, tools, equipment needed etc. So you can create a website around that topic, for example one of your post talks about the “Best Top 5 Equipment to Bring on Camping”.  You can list your suggestions, in an “affiliate link manner”, and if the your reader clicks and buy from that link, You will a commission.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is for both beginners and experienced alike. You can join WA even if you have zero experience. It is the training that you can definitely start today.

I Am Not from the US, Can I still Join Wealthy Affiliate?

I decided to include this part. It’s one of the question I find frequently asked. Since I am in Asia, I wondered the same thing.

The answer is… YES, but there are list of countries that getting PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is the only option. Those countries are :

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

You can click this link if you want to know more.


Before I totally proceed to more in-depth review on What You Should Know About Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to wrap things up quickly.

All the information I stated in this post are all based on my experience on how I see Wealthy Affiliate as a member.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise ANYONE to get rich quickly. Instead they are offering you a chance to try it first and see it for yourself. Wealthy Affiliates provides training and support that is needed in order to start and grow your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate training is a training that even a zero experience person can do.

I encourage you to join me, have a look, and take the training that is available for you. At the end of the day the decision will still be up to you.

Your thoughts are always important. Let me know what you think, leave it in comments below and I would be happy to get back to you.

But if you still want to know WA more deeply you can proceed reading my long and detailed honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Now here we go…

What You Should Know About Wealthy Affiliate : An Honest Review


First, let me just lay out to you what are the things you are about to read…

  • All About Wealthy Affiliate
    • What is Wealthy Affiliate really?
    • Wealthy Affiliate Training and Webinars
    • Wealthy Affiliate Website
    • Wealthy Affiliate Tool for Creating a Keyword-Rich Content
    • Wealthy Affiliate Training and Weekly Webinars
  • Membership Options : The Free and The Premium
  • What I like about Wealthy Affiliate ( The Pros & The Cons )
  • Should you join Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?
  • Success Stories of few of Wealthy Affiliate Members


All About Wealthy Affiliate

I know that you probably have read many articles about What is Wealthy Affiliate. But let me just give you my own version of it, okay?

What is Wealthy Affiliate, really?

The owners and the co-founders Kyle and Carson built Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 with the GOAL of helping affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs, beginners or not. Now, 2018, with over a MILLION members and still growing. You can check it here for confirmation. Proof that Wealthy Affiliate is the one that YOU CAN TRUST.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches on how to build, grow and be successful in internet marketing. It doesn’t promise you that you’ll get rich overnight, instead it molds you into a successful online entrepreneur.

In Wealthy Affiliate you will learn the proper process of building an online business in any niche that you are interested to. Or what we called, Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate break it down into this pattern :


Image result for wealthy affiliate process

Wealthy Affiliate shows and guides you through their trainings. But it takes a lot of work and action on your part to be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Weekly Webinars

This part is I believe what most members like the most. Here is why :

Wealth Affiliate training is…

  • Is precise and made it simple to be understood by anyone.
  • Outlined from the very basic going up to advance topics so as you progress.
  • Offers Walk-Through videos in every lesson.
  • Alway up to date.
  • Includes doable task that you can immidiately apply in your website.

Let me just give the Lessons on the First Course which is also will be available to Starter Members.

Course 1 :

  •  Getting Rolling
  •  Understanding How to Make Money Online
  •  Choose a Niche
  •  Building Your Own Niche Website
  •  Setting Up you Website
  •  Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  •  Creating Your Initial Website Content
  •  Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  •  Understanding Keywords The Start of Your Content
  •  Congratulation and Your Next Step


If you noticed the first batch of Lesson that is set for you is One of The Core Features of Wealthy Affiliate. It already showing you, How you can start your Online Business by building your own website.

I don’t think, that you will find this in any other platform out there aside from Wealthy Affiliate.

Bootcamp Training

The Bootcamp Training is designed for those aspiring Affiliate Marketers or Already an Affiliate but still needs some guidance.

Same thing with Online Entrepreneur Certification, the training here in Bootcamp is also subdivided covering every detail you need to know to be or as an Affiliate Marketer.

It has 7 Courses with 70 lessons. Each courses has 10 lessons.

Each lesson provides a Walk-Through Video that you can follow in doing your task. Rest assured that you won’t get lost. Let me lay out to you the Phase 1 or Course 1 of Bootcamp Training. This is what you will able to access as a Starter Member.

  •  Getting Started
  •  Choosing your Direction
  •  Building Your Website
  •  A Website Look Around
  •  Activating Your Plugins
  •  Getting Your Website Ready for SEO
  •  Your Initial Framework of Content
  •  Understanding the Keyword Research Process
  •  Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Review The Exciting Journey has Begun

This is just the Phase 1 / Course 1 of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training, you can see that it offers core features that can help you to start or to make your first step to online business.


Wealthy Affiliate Webinar

Wealthy Affiliate also provides Weekly Webinar! How cool is that? It tackles different topics on how you can improve your website.

Truly Wealthy Affiliate is packed of information that will guide you in your journey.

These are just few of the topics that has been discussed in the webinar in the month of September :

  •  The Money Funnel, The Best way to Monetize
  •  Using Custom Menus, (Main, RHS, Footer)
  •  Managing your Website Design Through CSS
  •  Advanced Widget and Framework Customization Professional Theme Designs and Costumization

Wealthy Affiliate provides Education in every aspect of online marketing. And it’s been updated regularly and can not be compared to any other platform out there.

In addition to that, don’t forget that WA has a LiveChat as well. Where you can ask questions, help or any guidance you need. Members will be and always be happy to give their support.

Wealthy Affiliate Websites

One of the first question that pops up to your mind the moment you get interested in Affiliate Marketing is :

“Can I promote a product without a website?” or “Can I be an Affiliate Marketer even with a website / blog?”

I know, because I myself asked that question, I googled it many times!

Although it is possible to be an Affiliate Marketer without a website (by using other forms such as YouTube or other social media)                  and like what other people are saying… I don’t believe it otherwise not even convinced.

Having or owning a website gives you more authority and credibility.

The good news is, you can have a website or multiple websites under Wealthy Affiliate “roof” through SiteRubix platform.

Since your website is the foundation of your business, it is important to have a well functioned platform that gives you                                      tools you need to create and operate a successful business in Online World and you can avail it in WA too.

Aside from the fact that you can build your website quickly within Wealthy Affiliate through its’ SiteRubix platform, it provides hosting as well with very strong features such as :

  • Site Speed – for better ranking and better enagagement and a 100% better experience for your visitors.
  • Site SSL     – serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connection (it is a padlock that appears beside your URL)
  • Site Protect (Spam Blocker) – it blocks ALL automated spam before it even hits your site.
  • Page Speed Insights – you can immediately check how fast your posts or pages loads in your website
  • Site Health – monitors the health of your website to ensure you have the best chances of indexing, rankings and acwuiring traffic
  • Site Support – a fast 24/7 Website Technical Support
  • Site Security – protects your site from hacking, malware and bot-net attack
  • Site Comments – Website Engagement platform to spark discussion within your website– a MUST for rankings!
  • Unlimited Domain Specific Email Account
  • and many more


Wealthy Affiliate Tool for Creating Keyword-Rich Content

To have a website means you have to create contents, not just any contents it has to be Keyword Rich so you’ll have a better chance of ranking in Google.

But unfortunately this is not an easy task, and I do believe that many affiliates/bloggers struggle when it comes to writing content  that will rank in Google. Your content should be efficient enough to compete with others, others meaning MILLIONS OF THEM!

You have to be concern and focus on different area to be able to create and publish keyword-rich and SEO friendly content.

Out there you can find Keyword Research Tools. Some of them are free but most of the ones that functions well comes with a price tag.

Luckily, Wealthy Affiliate provides Jaaxy, a tool that can help you with that. It will guide you by showing how competitive your keyword is, how much traffic that you may get in case you rank at page 1 of Google and it shows you how many times people search for that keyword a month.

And as Wealthy Affiliate member you’ll have an exclusive access to it. Aside from that, Jaaxy also offers lucrative commission to you as an affiliate.

How good is that?


Membership Options

Joining Wealthy Affiliate offers you two options : STARTER and PREMIUM

I narrowed the things down for you on what you’ll get in whatever membership you decided to join.


Like what I mentioned on the first page of this post. Joining Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t require any credit card. All you have to do is to provide your valid email address, then you’re done.

Once you signed in, automatically you have access to training and other stuff. But since you are in starter membership it is obviously limited. Here are the things that you can still avail as a starter membership :



  • Live Help for 7 days
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Phase 1 of Bootcamp Training
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • You Have 30 searches Keyword Research Tools
  • Attend 2 Training Classroom
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn
  • One on One Coaching for the first 7 days


Personally, this is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate– It doesn’t or will not push you to purchase anything — a very good and wise tactic I should say.

Although, the Starter Membership is limited, the good thing about it is… it gives you the chance to see first what you are getting into and the things that you are going to get. It gives you time to evaluate yourself, if this platform is for you, or how far you can go.

You can stay as a Starter if you wish. Honestly, you can start building your online/affiliate business after few lessons. If you’ll have question or queries at some point you can just Google it, watch a few tutorials in YouTube, read blogs… tons of information in the internet that you can get for FREE! right? So why bother upgrading, yeah?

Well, at least that’s what I thought. Actually you can find members in Wealthy Affiliate who are experienced and been in the business for long time, but there came a point that they needed help and turned to Wealthy Affiliate.

One thing is for sure, once you test out Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a bigger chance that you would upgrade to premium. Because, that is exactly what happened to me. And 1 out of 8 people upgrade to premium membership. But of course at the end of the day, it will still be up to you.


The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership gives you FULL ACCESS to its services—-> that means EVERYTHING!

In my opinion right now, upgrading to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, is the best move I’ve made. What I mean is, if you are serious on creating an online business then why not starting out in the right path from the beginning, right?

Starting with a platform that is SOLID, CREDIBLE, BEEN IN THE BUSINESS FOR A DECADE like Wealthy Affiliate is the right move. Wealthy Affiliate offers you a community that is willing to help, tools, resources and an up to date training and webinars.

Here is what you you are going to get in Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership :


COST : $49 / month

  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Private Messaging
  • You can have 50 Websites (25 free and 25 under your own domain)
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Unlimited Keyword Search Tool
  • 12 Training Classroom
  • Affiliate Program with x2 Higher Payout
  • Earn While You Learn
  • Unlimited One on One Coaching
  • Private Access to Owners
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

Wealthy Affiliate is like a one-stop-shop. With all these that you will be getting… $49 a month is a real steal.

If you are going to get all of those, it will cost you a lot. Let say, Keyword Research Tool, like SEMrush, or KW Finder, the pricing to choose from are : $29.90, $39.90 and $79.90 per month depending on your needs. That alone is keyword research tool, what about hosting? And don’t forget, the UNLIMITED One-On-One Coaching!

But in Wealthy Affiliate you’ll get all those service in just $49 / month. And probably you would need an AutoResponder down the road. Yes it costs money, but EVERY BUSINESS OF ANY KIND REQUIRES AN INVESTMENT.


What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is first the COMMUNITY.

I’ve seen other forums or group where people are nasty and not welcoming.

Wealthy Affiliate Community is way different than that. They are so accomodating and willing to help each other. I was so amazed that on my first day on Wealthy Affilliate, people are already offering me help, giving me assurance that I am not going to be alone in this journey.

Like what I said above, Wealthy Affiliate is like a HOME FOR AFFILIATES. WA Community is like a family that is willing to give you support all the way.

That is one the reason why I decided to go Premium.

No wonder Wealthy Affiliate is getting stronger.


Wealthy Affiliate Pros & Cons


  • 100% Free to join. No Credit Card Required.
  • Everything is Online. No need for installing any software or any kind.
  • Wealthy Affiliate recently gone mobile!
  • You can have 50 websites as a Premium Member and 2 websites with hosting even as a Starter Member.
  • NO Experience required
  • You can always find Trainings, tutorials or blog related to building a website or affiliate marketing
  • Easy to follow courses and lesson each with Walk-Through videos.
  • Weekly Webinar
  • Learn ate your pace.
  • NO pressure to act now or you will lose everything forever.
  • Tools you get for your website management.
  • 24/7 Live Support team.
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • You’ll be surrounded with like-minded individuals, experts and successful bloggers/entrepreneurs.


  • Learning everyday can sometimes be “information overload”.
  • Wandering around Wealthy Affiliate premisses, chatting with other members, reading and commenting on blogs are “addictive” because it’s fun. So you tend to lose your focus.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Rankings – it measures on how active you are in the platform. Which is for me, is, a sort of destruction.
  • Although most of the trainings provided are well updated, I can not neglect the fact that there are some that are outdated.


Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Well if you’re going to ask me, Should you join Wealthy Affiliate? my answer is definitely YES!


Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if :

  • You want to get rich overnight.
  • You will just sit and do nothing.
  • You don’t want to spend a dime & time.
  • You don’t to take advice from the others.
  • You have the “I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF” attitude.
  • You are not eager to learn.
  • You have a negative mindset.

If, YOU are on those list. Then don’t join Wealthy Affiliate because you won’t be successful. And one thing that I want to say is…


ummm… I think I made a nice quote there… huh? lol


Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners?

The answer is… a big YES!

Personally, I think Wealthy Affiliate is tailored made for beginners rather than experts.

Why? Because of the way the trainings were set up.

So, even if you have a zero experience, this is the training that you can used to get started today!

And you know what, If you click any link in this post and decided to have a look around Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally assisting you. Together we will reach for success.




All right, I think I’ve said every thing on What You Should Know about Wealthy Affiliate– An Honest Opinion. I hope I provided enough information that you can use to weigh Wealthy Affiliate among the others.

After reading this, I encourage you to go inside… Have a look… Observe… Click this link and See it for yourself.

And while you’re there inside of Wealthy Affiliate make use of the training that is available for you. Upgrade to Premium only if you find it useful to you. And if you do– I’ll be there.

Success Stories

Before I totally end this post I would like to share some of successful Wealthy Affiliate members as year 2018. You probably have seen other blog about Wealthy Affiliate with success stories in it but, most of them were few years back. I encourage you to read it, let me prove to you that WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS NOT A SCAM.

You might be familiar with their faces as well you probably stumbled upon their websites too. I ask permission if I could use their stories, and they’ve been greatful to help me.

Hopefully with all effort– My own story will be the next.

I suggest you click the image so you’ll see more of their stories and how did they make it.



He’s Jerry, he’s been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. And now, his earning a passive income. If you want to him better you can click it here.

He’s Micheal, been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. He used to be a truck driver but, found success in affiliate marketing. If you want to him better click here.

Eddy, it’s Eddy with Y that’s what he said on of his profile. He’s been in Wealthy Affiliate since 2007!! If you want to know him better click here.

Last but not hte least, is Todd. He’s been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2014.

Your Thoughts?

Okay.. Before I wrapped up this long post, I would like to know what you think? Do you have some correction(s) you wish to make in my post? Do you have any question? Please leave them below, and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.


See you on the next post. Oh! and Remember Sharing is Caring!



Wishing you all success,






25 thoughts on “What You Should Know about WEALTHY AFFILIATE : An Honest Review”

  1. Hi Mina,
    Thanks for breaking down this program…it looks like a great opportunity. I like how you can try if for free before you commit to it.

    Do you think this is a good option for someone with zero online business experience? Is the training easy to follow or does someone need a background in the web already- for it to make sense ?

    Keep up the great job!

    • Hi Tim!

      Thanks for visiting. Glad that you like Wealthy Affiliate.

      For your questions if it’s a good option for someone with zero online business experience, YES! definitely! I mentioned that the trainings in WA are tailored for beginners so experienced or not Wealthy Affiliate will work for you.
      The trainings are easy to follow, so, it doesn’t matter if you have a background in the web although, it will be an advantage.

      And in case you get lost– Wealthy Affiliate has Community that is alway there to help you.
      By that, I’ll be there as well to offer you assistance.

      Wishing you success!


  2. Great review. Thank you for review Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, I’m looking for the method on how to make money online. The one you are introducing seems work.

    The price of being a premium member is not high. The one I like most is premium member provide you up to 50 websites. It’s really valuable for every affiliate marketer.

    The weekly webinar is also a good thing that someone doesn’t like to read text.

    It seems not a bad thing to start as a starter member.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi CT,

      Thanks for the visit. Glad that you like my post.
      Well, if your looking for some way to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth a try. Besides you can join it for free.
      And you’ll gett all the good stuff in a very low price if you decided to be a Premium Member.

      Wishing you success,

  3. Hi, Mina. Wow. Thank you for your detailed explanation. It is very thorough and leaves nothing to the imagination. I think you have answered more than 90% of the questions anyone can ask in regard to joining Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate that you took the time to do this review so that we can all benefit from the information that you are presenting. Kind regards,
    By the way, your class photo with the ‘crazy kids’ is awesome 🙂

  4. Here’s what I love most about Wealthy Affiliate.
    They do not promise easy money.
    They do not promise shortcuts.
    But they do promise hard work.
    They promise that it’s inevitable.
    Yet, hard work is required always, if you want to get great at anything.
    You have to work hard, smart and long. And only then you will get results.
    What I’ve found is that the only people to ever leave Wealthy Affiliate are either those that are not prepared for hard work or those who are not matured enough to play the long game.
    As Thomas Edison said: “The surest way to succeed is to always try one more time.”
    If you do that, there’s nothing you can’t.

    I loved your in-depth review, it’s the most comprehensive I’ve come across. <3
    Cheers and have A Great One!

  5. Thanks for the article. I’ve been apart a WA for about a year. One thing that you hit the nail on the head with is the information overload. I love WA because they give you so much information. You can suffer info burn-out. However, WA is still here once you get your strength back and are ready keep moving

    Another thing that I like about your article is that you bring out that WA is honest. In other words, you mention – don’t join if you want to get rich quick. A person must know that they are to work (maybe not like a 40-hour week) at this for success.

    Thank you for this article.

  6. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I personally love them, and have been with them for quite some time now (over two years). I can attest to anyone that it is well worth it, and you won’t find a better way to get started into affiliate marketing. I went premium within a week, and that is just something I felt necessary. I am still a premium member, and the benefits are well worth it in my opinion. Again, great review!

    • Hi Matt, Thanks for dropping by. Well, I myself love Wealthy Affiliate as well– I learned a lot and the trainings are very helpful.
      I was skeptical before so it took me 2 weeks before I upgraded to Premium. And then I realized that I made the right decision.

      Thanks again and wishing you success,


  7. Wow. The information has been put so well and detailed. By reading this post I feel like I did the best thing by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Although I am just a beginner and I have a long way to go but still things like this really makes me smile and want to learn more. Thanks Mina. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping by! It will be awesome if you left your name so, I could address you properly.
      Anyway glad that you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate like many others.

      Learning curves will always be present in whatever we do, just remember that do not give up and stay consistent.
      The most important is… follow the training, and you will be surprise by the result.

      Thanks again and wishing you success!


  8. Really great and detailed review. From your review it is clear that this is a program that would benefit a lot of people.
    I have been hearing about wealthyaffiliate but was really reluctant to join I recently became a member after reading so much positive reviews on the program and I can assure you that I don’t regret my decision.
    I have learnt a great deal of things I did not know of and the benefits are going to be immerse.
    I really hope a lot of people would go through your review so they can see what they are missing out because it is a program meant for both beginners and experts.

  9. Hey Mina, Great Article, I have been looking for a way to enter affiliate marketing and this looks like it may be the platform i have been looking for. In your opinion should I just go straight to Premium or do the free trial first ?

    • Thanks for dropping by Marvin.
      Well, I suggest that you join as a free member first. Try to see it for yourself, if this is actually the one that you need. (Although I am sure that it is)
      This will give you time to look around, check the training. So the decision will be up tp you 100% and not because someone convinced you to do so.

      That is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope it helps.

      Wishing you success.

  10. Hi Mina, thanks for a detailed explanation of how wealthy affiliates works. You have listed all the workings of the back office. Images and details about the in’s and out’s of how the business model works. Leaves the reader knowing whats in the box before they buy. Thank you.

  11. This is a great detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and the training involved. I have been looking at affiliate marketing for a while and your post has convinced me to give it a try. I like the fact that there is a free starter membership so I can see if I like it first. I have bookmarked your website for future reference too.

  12. Hi Mina,
    great breakdown – it just about answers all the questions, and in some detail, of the total benefits of being a member of WA – I have not been one myself for long but for any of the older generation allow me to point out that I am in my 80’s and started earning after the 2nd month of membership.
    Good luck and best wishes

  13. Wow Mina, great content as usual. Now I wonder why Wealthy Affiliate made it impossible for people from certain countries not to get the free membership. Don’t you think it’s sort of discriminatory? Any reason for that? I came across Wealthy Affiliates 4 years ago and registered but didn’t follow it up. I should have been earning thousands of dollars as well. Anyway, I think I’ll stick with them this time.

  14. I remember starting as a new member at WA and it really was overwhelming to try and learn every day, especially if you have a full-time job and school.

    The key to making Wealthy Affiliate work for you is to pace yourself. It’s okay if you’re not going at the speed the lessons are going, because they will always be there. As long as you’re making progress and aren’t skipping any steps, you’ll be able to build a successful online business.

    • Hi Aria,
      I couldn’t agree more.
      It is true that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed overwhelming at first.
      You really have to work in your own pace, and try not to compare yourself with others.
      Thank so much.


  15. What attracted me to WA is the fact I was able to test drive the program before buying into it. After undergoing the training from Day One, I was hooked and knew it was something I wanted to invest in. Since investing back in October I’ve only grown my niche sites and am just now finding an audience. I can’t wait to see what my future holds here at WA.

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