How to Write Your First Blog Post: Beginners’ Guide

How to Write Your First Blog Post: Beginners' Guide

Are you ready to write your first blog post? Writing your first blog post can be exciting. Because you can finally declare yourself as an “official” blogger! But, you sit in front of your computer, you froze because you don’t know how to write your first blog post. That’s why in this article I’ll share … Read more

200+ Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers to Skyrocket Consistency


Awesome Blog Post Ideas to Help You Stay Consistent in Blogging + free PDF In my previous post, I mentioned planning out your blog content for the whole year as part of preparing your blog for the new year. But, I’m very sure that it can be difficult if you’re just starting. So, here are … Read more

What You Should Know about WEALTHY AFFILIATE : An Honest Review 2021

What you should know about Wealthy Affiliate

A deep dive to Wealthy Affiliate, my honest review 2021 If you’ve been searching ways on how to make money online, then you probably came across, Wealthy Affiliate. And you’re curious to know more about it. This post is about What You Should Know About Wealthy Affiliate and my “unbiased” opinion of the platform. In … Read more

12 Useful Ways that Make You Write Blog Post Fast

How to Write Bog Post Fast

Do you want to know how write blog post fast? Be ready because you will learn how to write blog post fast after reading this! When, started blogging they said that your blog post should be at least more than 1k words. It was really difficult for me to write that long in a short … Read more

How to Know The Best Social Media for Your Blog

Best Social Media for Blog

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn or Pinterest – Which one should you use for your blog? Have you ever wondered what is the best social media for your blog? With so many social media platforms out there as well people who have succeeded on using it, you as a new blogger would definitely ask, which … Read more

15 Places to get Images for Your Blog and Social Media Posts in 2021 (for Free)


Looking for free images for your blog and social media posts? With the growing numbers of sprouting blogggers like you. It’s expected that you’ll search for free images for your blog and social media posts. That’s why, in this post, you’ll learn where to get stock photos for free. 15 Places to Get Images for … Read more

Quick and Easy Way to Pick a Blog Name Successfully


Before you decide to pick a blog name, here’s a quick and easy way to name your blog successfully! To pick a blog name is like naming your child or maybe your doggo. You wouldn’t want to name your them, “FREEDOM”, why? Because, just imagine yourself screaming your child’s / dog’s name in an open … Read more

How to Set Up Site Kit Plugin for Google Adsense


Site Kit by Google This post is actually connected to the post, The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense, that I published previously. This is the one of the steps involve on the said tutorial, which is How to Set Up Site Kit Plugin for Google Adsense. At first, I just installed Google … Read more