8 Easy Ways on How To Find Your Blog Target Audience

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8 Easy Ways on How To Find Your Blog Target Audience

Have you found your blog target audience?

One of the biggest mistakes and is often overlook by beginner bloggers and even seasoned bloggers is HOW TO FIND TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THEIR BLOG. As a result, they feel lost and quit blogging during their first year.

Knowing your niche is also accompanied with knowing your target audience. Who are you actually writing to? To whom are you dedicating your precious blog posts? Missing those parts, your blogging will be a waste of time and money because those blog posts lead to nowhere.

I did have the same problem before, my attention is centered on writing blog posts without fully focusing on my target audience. But upon reading and learning from the training I have, I learned that FINDING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE FOR YOUR BLOG is crucial and not that difficult.

In this post, I will tell you how you too can found your target audience for your blog. Plus, there will be some tips along the way to help you with your blogging journey.

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By the way, here’s what you’ll learn :

  • What is Target Audience?
  • Why knowing your Target Audience is important
    • Benefits of knowing your Target Audience
  • How to define your Target Audience
  • Create your Blog Target Audience / Customer Avatar
  • How to found your Target Audience

What is Target Audience?

Before we dive deeper, let’s discuss first, What target audience actually is?

According to Wikipedia, target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other advertisement catered specifically to said intended audience.

Also, Neil Patel describes target audience as a share of consumers that companies or business direct their marketing actions to drive awareness of their products or services.

In other words, these are the group of people most likely benefit from your blog posts. These people are the ones who’ll found your blog posts valuable to them and eventually fall in love with your content.

That’s why, whatever you do in your blog, do it with your target audience in mind. Here’s why…

Why Knowing Your Target Audience is Important

Firstly, if you know who you are writing for, it will be easy for you to craft blog posts that are going to be helpful for your target audience. And because they find it helpful, they will relate to each blog posts and they might share it as well.

When you are just starting out with your blog, you’re a beginner blogger, always remember that apart from creating blog posts, you have a lot of things to do! So, to know your target audience will save you a lot of time and effort.

It’s like, ticking 2 or 3 things from your to do list!

Also, you will be sure that your articles will be generating traffic because you know exactly who your target audience are. Not only that, there are other benefits of knowing your target audience.

Like :

  1. They help you find the best blog post ideas.
  2. Creating blog post is easier.
  3. Your Target Audience will become your loyal follower.
  4. You can easily figure out the perfect products.
  5. You already have a prospective buyer.
  6. Your Target Audience will help you become more successful.

As you can see, the benefits of knowing your Target Audience are quite tied up to each other. It’s like a sequence, once you figure out your Target Audience, the rest will follow.

Let me explain.

Oops. I change my mind. I’m thinking it will be easier to understand explaining first, how did I come up with the Benefits of Knowing your Target Audience.

It is by creating Avatar or a Buyer Persona.

How To Define Your Target Audience

You can define your Target Audience by creating an Avatar. Although some bloggers call it Buyer Persona, I prefer the latter.

But, what is target audience Avatar, anyways?

Target Audience Avatar or Buyer Persona is simply put as a representation of your “ideal” reader.

Vanessa Lau has a perfect analogy for that. She used Tinder as an example. When you are looking for your matching person you will describe him as 25-30 years of age, 6ft in height, you state your preferred profession etc.

Also, if you are familiar with the series Criminal Minds where the profilers profile the suspect. They describe the suspect by stating the suspect’s physical attributes, behavior, race or ethnicity, profession, background etc.


I prepared an exercise for you, so join along with me.


In doing this, remember that you need to describe or define your target audience as much detail as possible. Why? Because the details or the answers that will appear are what you are going to use to create blog posts or even products that will perfectly suit your blog avatar.

All you have to do is to think of your blog avatar as a real person who you are aiming to help.

Use the following points to define them :

  • AGE

So, those are your blog avatar information you need to fill. And you know what, you can put a name too to make it even more “real”.

Okay, let’s put this in action! But, first and foremost, you should think of your niche. Let say you are a work-from-blogger and focusing others to start a blog.

define customer avatar
  • NAME : Naomi
  • AGE : 36 years old
  • GENDER : Female
  • LOCATION : Lives in San Francisco
  • OCCUPATION : Stay at home mom, works as a dog walker on weekends for extra income
  • MARITAL STATUS : Married ; With kids that are quite older so need less assistance.
  • HOBBIES : Cooking and Baking
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SHE USES : Pinterest for her cooking and baking ideas and also Facebook to connect with her family and friends.
  • HER PROBLEM : She’s looking for “Work-At-Home” solutions so she can earn extra income to add to their budget. Dog Walking is good, but it’s been quite difficult after the pandemic.

Now, that you have your Traget Audience representation (Avatar) you can easily point out the things that you can do to help her. By creating blog posts or products (later on) that suit her need.

This is where the benefits of knowing your target audience come in.

Benefits Of Knowing Your Target Audience

Remember awhile ago, I said that the benefits of knowing your target audience is somehow tied to each other? Like it’s a sequence? I mentioned that once you know your target audience, everything will follow.

Because it really is, here is why.


Since you built your blog avatar “Naomi”, you know exactly her pain points. She’s a stay at home mom who wants to earn some extra income. And loves cooking and baking.


You can use your blog avatar information to craft your blog post. Since you already know “Naomi” is your target, who she is, and you know her problems.

You can simply create blog posts angled to her needs. Plus, you already know that she’s a mom, so, know what tone you are going to use for your blog.

Okay, so it goes like this :

Your niche is about starting a blog > your target audience is Naomi, a mom who wants to have an extra income and cooks as a hobby> you create blog post about how to start a cooking blog.

Got it? But, there’s a lot more to that. We will further discuss about what’s next on upcoming posts.


Because you created a blog post that is perfect for Naomi and you’re using a voice that she can relate to. Naomi has a tendency to come back to your website, to get more information from you.

And she’ll follow you on any social media you have as well.

In your part, you already know that she uses Pinterest and Facebook, that give you a hint that you should utilize those social media platform to reach your target audience.


Benefit #4 is actually the same thing as #2. Since, you know Naomi’s needs, apart from blog posts, you can also create a product that will help Naomi more to pursue her blogging journey.

You can create a product such as a course that teaches deep guide to blogging.



I decided to tied #5 and #6 because they correlate with each other. Like what I explained on #4, when you decided to launch a product, a blogging course for example, you know already that there will be a person who’s gonna buy your product.

Who? Naomi of course!

And guess what, there are many Naomis out there. Because of that, it ensures your success as well!

Where OR How To Find Your Target Audience

Now that you know your target audience, information about them. You can use those info to create specific blog posts that stand out.

Your next question will be, where can I find them? Or How to find my Target Audience for my Blog?

How To Find Your Target Audience

Although there are many ways to found your target audience the following are the most effective and commonly use among successful bloggers. So you too can grow your blog, and make money from it.


We all know that Social Media is widely used these days! Even kids at young age knows Social Media! And there’s a new data suggests that the number of people using social media drastically increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where most of us are locked down.

Therefore, it makes Social Media platform a very good tool for bloggers to use to learn more about their target audience.

Let’s take a look at the following and please take not it can vary depending on your niche.

Facebook Groups

Aside from using your Facebook Business page, and your personal account it is also advised to join Facebook Groups. There are plenty of them that talks about specific niche.

You can those groups to more about your target audience.

Also, to get idea, on how other bloggers do their thing. What are they posting, what kind of products do they offer. What questions frequently come up on discussion board.


Although Pinterest is categorized as social media, actually it is more of a Search Engine.

To be honest, Pinterest has a great impact on my blog’s traffic.

How you can use it to know more about your target audience’s interest is to simply to do a Pinterest keyword research. It’s the same thing as you do when you search something on Google.

You typed in your keywords, you’ll see a set of suggested keywords that goes with your query. Here’s an example :

As you can see from the results when I typed the keyword “blogging” it gave other keywords that relates to my main keyword. Which means, that those are the words people are searching for in Pinterest.

And those people, are most likely your target audience.

What the result tells you is, you can create blog posts that talks about the topics that came out from your search. Also, it tells you what pins to create as well.


Like Pinterest, YouTube functions more of a search engine rather than a social media.

It is a powerful tool to found your Target Audience because there are over 2 Billion Monthy Active YouTube Users according to their YouTube Official Blog. That is insane!

How to found your target audience in YouTube? Well, it is the same process. You look for the channel that covers your niche, observe his/her content as well as the comments.

From the comments, you’ll find someone who shares his or her experience, or questions about their niche. And try to answer that question in your blog.


Discussion forums can be very helpful for bloggers like you especially in finding your target audience. Forums are full of people looking for help, asking questions or even sharing information.

If you able to discover the main question your target audience is asking, then, using discussion forums will be enough to find the right people for your blog.

You can find forums in your niche by typing in Google search : “niche keyword + forum”


Quora is a place where people ask and answers questions. I started using Quora, early this January but haven’t completely use it for my blog’s benefit. Which reminds me, I need to do it now! lol!

What you can do to found your target audience is to, first, typed in a question that relates to your niche. And when it appears, you answer that question. Through that, you can actually interact directly to your target audience.

What’s good about Quora is, people are asking questions that are actually important to them which will help you to understand your target audience deeper.

Google Search

Well, with all the places to found your target audience, you must not forget your friendly neighborhood Google!

A simple Google search will do a lot for you as a blogger. Not only it will give you ideas for your next blog post, it also give you the people who are interested in the information.

On my previous blog post I use Amazon as an example. I searched for a body building equipment and looked for the reviews. By clicking that, you will see people who purchase the item, and from their profiles you will know about them, about their buying behavior.

Other Blogs

I’d like to approach this part cautiously. Because, this is often misused.

Looking at other big blogs that has the same niche as yours means that, you just going to “spy” them and not copy them. You visit their site to see what is their most popular content, try to read comments as well.

To know what others are saying, and you will see that some commenters are posting their questions too.

Use it to write your “own” blog post. And while you’re there take the opportunity to comment also, remember, connecting with other bloggers within your niche is helpful for you.


Wrapping Up

Whew! That’s a lot! It’s pretty long and in depth guide on how to found your target audience for your blog. I hope this will help you figure out where and how to found your blog target audience.

My first plan of writing this post is to write it a little shorter than usual, but, here I am again. I just want to give you all the information you need in a single post.

Anyway in a nutshell, there are 8 WAYS TO FIND YOUR BLOG TARGET AUDIENCE

  1. Social media
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. YouTube
  5. Discussion Forums
  6. Quora
  7. Google Search
  8. Other Bigger Blogs in your niche

You need to find and define your target audience the moment you decided to start a blog. To ensure your blog success!

Also keep in mind that in search of your target audience, yours can be different from others. Target Audience varies on what niche you are in.

And by the time that you finally found your audience, be sure to always put them in mind and start creating blog post that will give them the impact that they didn’t feel or see in other blogs out there! Stay focus and listen to what they say.

Your Turn

What to do you think of this post? Do you think I missed something? Have you found your target audience? How? Did you use more creative way on finding your target audience?

Please do share it in comment below.

Lastly, any questions you have that I didn’t cover in this post?

Your question will be helpful. I’ve been blogging for quite some time but I’d like to improve more.

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  1. Hi Minah

    You’ve got lots of great ideas here to help bloggers find their audience. It’s so easy to write for yourself and forget who it is for!

    I have one more tip to find your audience. Use Facebook Ads Manager. You need to have a Facebook page to be able to do this but it’s worth setting one up, even if just for this purpose. Once in Ads Manager, search for Audience Insights.

    You then enter your niche and it will give you lots of information about the percentage of men vs women, ages, geographical location, interests, whether they have kids or not, etc. You can also narrow it down to people who love a particular website or magazine. It’s great for that time when you are just starting out, or out of interest to see if you can tweak your target audience for an existing blogger.

    Kind regards,


  2. Really great post and so very relevant for the niche that I am in.

    Most business builders in my niche don’t bother to figure out who their target market is. Instead they try to target everyone and as a result their marketing message does not work as it is to general and not specific to what the people they are targeting want or need.

    When you know who you are targeting you can figure out their pain or what they need and then be able to deliver your message in such a way as to be able to help them.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. You have addressed a very important topic wherein majority bloggers make mistake. In fact I feel as your blog evolves, you need to keep asking this question “who is my target audience” – I like the way you zeroed down on “target audience” and then keeping that audience in mind you create post.

    I think Reddit can also be one of places wherein you can find your “target audience” Enjoyed reading your post, crisp, clear and to the point.


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