The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense

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This is the best way to get approved from Google Adsense, I got approved in less than 24 hours.

I have known a lot of people who have applied multiple times for Google Adsense because they have been rejected. As well as some people who took a long time to be approved. Luckily, for me I only have to apply once and did get approved for Google Adsense in less in than 24 hours.

That’s why in this post, “The Best Way to get Approved for Google Adsense“, I’ll talk about what I did, what contents I have in my blog for me to get accepted by Google Adsense quickly.

Here’s my evidence, I applied Friday July 23rd at 10:24 PM and got approved the next day July 24th at 7:17 PM :

Disclosure : Your Google Adsense application may still give you different result. This post is based on my own experience when I myself applied for Google Adsense. I created this post for the purpose of sharing the said experience that can be served as guide as well.

What is Google Adsense?

Before we talk about “The Best Way to get Approved for Google Adsense” let’s quickly talk about :

  • What is Google Adsense
  • How Bloggers Really Make Money from Google Ads
  • Should you Apply for Google Adsense

According to Wikipedia

“Google Adsense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google network of content sites seves text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.”

Now, on bloggers’ perspective

Google Adsense is a program by Google where a blogger like you and me can be able to display ads on our blogs / websites by putting the “codes” given by Google.

And then, Google decides what ads can be displayed on your blog depending on the type of your content. Once ads are displayed, your blog can now be monetized.

How bloggers really make money from Google Ads

The second question that is mostly asked is How Google Adsense work and how bloggers really make money from it?

Like I said, Google Adsense is basically an advertising platform that helps website owners to earn money by displaying relevant ads. And Adsense publishers (website owners) get 68% of the click cost while Google gets 32%.

So, how can you make money from Google Ads?

You as a blogger / Adsense Publisher can be paid for the clicks on ads appearing on your website. Because Adsense works with EPC or Earnings Per Click and CPC or Cost Per Click.

Therefore, the more traffic you have the more chance of earning more from Ads.

NOTE : You should not click your own ads or even ask your family members to do it for you. Otherwise  your Adsense will et suspended.

Should you apply for Google Adsense


Although Google Ads is not the only way to monetize your blog, it wouldn’t hurt to apply. Applying for Google Ads is fairly easy and it doesn’t require you to have a certain amount of traffic to be eligible.

So, even if you are just starting out and your blog is new and want to monetize your blog, then, you should apply for Google Adsense.

Therefore, you really need to know the best way to get approved for Google Adsense before applying.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, here’s a guide for you!


What you should know before applying and to get approved for Google Adsense

Before you proceed on applying for Google Ads make sure you did your research and read their policies here : Adsense Program Policies and check if you / your website is eligible for Google Adsense here : Eligibility Requirements for Adsense.

When you checked all of those you can then proceed on applying after reading the following criteria to ensure your approval.

Criteria to ensure your Google Adsense approval

Like I said, the reason for me creating this blog post is because I know people who have been rejected and had to apply multiple times for Google Adsense to get approved.

While others passed it very easily. I observe, with those who get rejected, they all have the same thing in common, not meeting Google Adsense’ criteria.

Below is a table that shows Google Adsense “criteria” and my website status when I applied.

Following these criteria are actually The Best Way To Get Approved for Google Adsense. So make sure your website/blog adhere to Google Adsense standards.

The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense Quickly (VIDEO)

Google Adsense Criteria

The website is rich with contents that adhere to Google Adsense policies.My blog has 40 blog posts & 10 pages when I applied.
The website has not been used for Google Adsense approval previously.My first time to apply to any advertising platform.
Make sure your contents/posts give value.Most of my posts are about How To’s , tutorials, and reviews of tools that I use.
You should have all the important pages needed : ABOUT PAGE, PRIVACY POLICY PAGE, AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE PAGEAll important pages are already in place from the day I start my blog. I have : ABOUT ME PAGE, PRIVACY POLICY PAGE, AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE, & DISCLAIMER.
Make sure your domain is couple of months old.My website / blog is almost 3 years old.
Make sure that your website receives at least 100 unique visitors per day.I have at least 100 – 150 visitors per day, but in quiet times I’m getting less.
You have to have a Google account (gmail) to use Google Adsense.I have Gmail.
You’re allowed to only have one personal Adsense account. You can not create a new if you got suspended.Yes.
You should be at least 18 years old to apply.Yes. I’m way more than 18 years old, lol!
Use Google Site Kit to connect your site to Google Adsense and allow it to place the ads for you.Done!

The first on the list said “website”,. So, obviously, you should have a blog.

Haviing a blog is the very first thing you need to have before applying for Google Adsense. If you haven’t started yet, here’s a post that can help you with that :

“How to Start a Blog”

Tip! Or at least the things that I did prior to my application. Which (I think) helped me to get approved quicker.

Since, I know that traffic is the most crucial factor to be approved, I see to it that I promoted my blog continuously and vigourously for 2 weeks prior to my Google Adsense application.

So, my website will look “busy”. Now, that I’m writing it down, it sounds funny! But, hey, I got approved immediately, so.

And one last thing that I did which, I think contributed for faster approval is, using Site Kit plugin. You’ll know why later on this blog.

The application process

Now the exciting and quite confusing part, quite confusing because my first time doing it. So, it’s really important to do your research first before jumping into it.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it, because I’m doing my best for this tutorial as detailed as possible. So I can walk you through the process.


How to Apply for Google Adsense and Get Approved

Step One : Apply to Google Adsense Program

To apply, you need to go to the official Google Adsense right here : Google Adsense Sign Up. And it bring you to this page :

The next thing that you need to do is just follow the prompt. 

  1. Enter your website name.
  2. Enter your Gmail address
  3. Tick any of the two given choices whether you’d wish to get Adsense info in your email or not. And you may probably want to tick YES. You know just in case.

Step Two : Provide Google your information

After clicking Save and Continue on step one, you will be brought to the next page where you fill in the blanks with the required information.

It will look like this.

How to Get Approved for Google Adsense

As you can see, you would want to provide Google with your :

  • Country or territory
  • Google will ask you to review its Terms and Conditions. 
  • Then, click Create Account button.

Step Three : Fill Out Payment Details

After clicking the Create Account button, you will be then forwarded to the page that is within Google Adsense itself. Remember that you created an account, right?

So, you’ll fill the payment details form and it looks like something like this. 

Please do note that it may look different by the time you apply, Google may have some updates so the “look” may not be the same. But for sure, the procedure will be more or less the same.

The reason why I’m saying this because, when I did my research, read some blogs that provided images which is totally different when Iapplied myself. To note, I applied last 27th of July 2021. So the information I have here is very recent.

Okay, now back to the topic. It will look something like this :

Right after you clicked the create account button, you will be forwarded to your newly created Google Adsense account.

The first thing that you’re going to see is the illustration #1, click “Get Started” and you will see illustration #2 where you’ll fill up the form.

What’s in the form of Payment Details :

  • Customer Info
    • Account Type (Business or Personal)
  • Name and Address
    • Name
    • Address line 1
    • Address line 2
    • District
    • City
    • Postal Code
    • And I think, depending on where you are, there will be another info that you need to add. Because, in my case, I live in Korea and the address system here is different from other countries. So, there were additional info that I needed to add.
    • Primary Contact 
    • Email Address

Here’s a screenshot :

 After hitting the submit button, you will be prompted to verify your address. Just like this one.

This is your chance to double check your address, especially if you live outside US or if you live on non-English country. Where you have to spell your address in English alphabet, so you have to make sure.

Once you’re done, you can click “use address as is” button, then you’ll be back again to the previous payment details page, then you hit “submit”.

Step Three : Verify your phone number to get approved for Google Adsense

In this step, Google Ads will ask you to give them your valid phone number for verification code. You can choose on how you want to receive it. Via voice call or via text message. I my case, I chose the latter.

Here’s how it looks like :

After you choose how you’d like to get your verification, Google Ads will send it to you right away. You will then enter it at the bottom, that says, “Get Verification Code“. (Please refer to the image above)

Step Four : Receiving Your Adsense Code

A little personal story : So, when I was in this page and saw the “code” that I have to insert in my WordPress site, I kind of freak out! Because I thought I was already accepted!! 

I was like… 

“What? I’m approved already?” 

“Am I this lucky? Other people take weeks or even months to be approved! And me? Already??”

“You gotta be kidding me!!”

Of course! I was not approved yet! Silly me!

Let me show you how it looks like then, I’ll explain more afterwards.

As you can see, confusion is written all over my face!

The image above is what exactly will comes next after inserting in the verification code Google Ads has sent you. And this was difficult for me because it has “codes”, I don’t like codes!

Since, html codes are my weakness, I clicked “Get help with adding Adsense code“. And it brought me to Adsense Help page.

Where it asked me to install a plugin called, Site Kit.

Here’s “How To Set Up SIte Kit Plugin for Google Adsense

Step Five : Connect your site to Adsense through Site Kit plugin

I created a seperate post on how you can install Site Kit plugin, and how to use it to connect your site to Adsense. I didn’t include it here because this post will be way too long and might cause confusion to others.

You will be prompted on what to do next so, all you have to do is to follow. But to give you an overview, here’s what’s gonna happen after intalling Site Kit plugin :

  • You need to connect Adsense to your site first through SIte Kit plugin.
  • You will then be ask to allow Site Kit to access your account.
  • And it is recommended to let Site Kit place Adsense code on your site to get to get your site approved.

Check my post

Step Six : Request for Review and Wait

So after you have followed all the instructions and have added your Site to your Adsense account, (please check this post for full instructions)  you will then be prompted to put in your URL and then request for review, as seen on the image below.

After clicking the “Request Review” button, the next page you’ll see is this :

Now, this is the final step. You can either set the ads up on your blog right away by clicking “set up ads” at the bottom until your approval. Or you can wait for your approval first then set up the ads.

I chose the latter. But it’s the same thing.


The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense


I always do “recap” portion on every blog post for those of you who skimmed and just glance, ouch!

Anyway, this is the recap :

The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense

  • The website is rich with contents that adheres to Google Adesense policies.
  • The website had not been used for Google Adsense approval previously.
  • Make sure that your contents / posts give value.
  • You should all the important pages needed : About Me, Privacy Policy, Disclosure 
  • Make sure that your domain is a couple of months old. But I think the older the better.
  • Make sure that your website receives at least 100 unique visitors per day. 
  • You have to have a Google account (gmail) to use with Adsense.
  • You’re allowed to have only one personal Adsense account. Sadly, you can not create a new one you got suspended.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should use Google Site Kit Plugin to connect your site to Adsense and eventually let Google Site Kit pluginplace the Adsense codes on your site for you.

Steps on How to Apply for Google Adsense

  1.  Apply to Google Adsense Program
  2.  Provide Google Your Information
  3.  Verify your Phone Number
  4.  Receiving your Adsense Code
  5.  Connect your Site to Adsense Through Site Kit Plugin
  6.  Request for Review and Wait

Wrapping Up

I hope this post, “The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense” will serve as a guide on applying for Adsense. I did my best on putting everything based on what I have experienced when I applied for it myself.

Make sure your website meets Google Adsense criteria before applying to ensure your approval.

Google Adsense, is just one of the many ways on monetizing your blog. And believe me there are tons of way on how you can make money from your blog.

So, just in case you didn’t get approved– It’s not the end of the world!

See you on my next post!

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15 thoughts on “The Best Way to Get Approved for Google Adsense”

  1. Really, getting approval from AdSense is pretty easy if someone has maintained all the criteria you mentioned.
    I have applied on two websites. For the first website, I got the approval in one day.
    But for the second website, I got rejected for the first time, and after spending a day, I found the problem. That site had too many banners for the affiliate programs; I just reduced the number of banners and applied again. It got approved in one day. 🙂

    • That’s good news!
      And I totally agree with you, applying for Google Adsense
      is not that hard. It’s just people sometimes missed something
      when they apply for Adsense.
      And it just so happen that I know those people! lol!

  2. Thank you so much for the highly informative post, Minah! As someone who has also been approved for Google AdSense (I am updating my website and completing changing my Google AdSense placement scheme), Google likes to place ads on websites that cater to a burgeoning niche, have the potential to attract great audiences (Wealthy Affiliate definitely helps with that. Haha), and can convert those leads into sales (and commissions) for Google, the company, and us website owners. You have done an excellent job of breaking down the application and approval process for Google AdSense. I will definitely spread the word! Yah (God) bless you!

  3. Hi Mina, I think I have come across this post at just the right time. My main website is approved for adsense but my MMO blog I tried twice and it was not approved.

    I tried asking on reddit they said to try cancel all my affiliate links but I thought it was terrible advice. To be honest reading your post I don’t really have an about me page. I had one but I renamed it. Maybe I will try renaming it back and see what happens, and I guess it will not hurt to add the Google Site Kit plugin at least till I get my decision.

    Also, you say you were approved after 40 posts that is good to know actually as I have a third blog I can add as well.

    Many thanks;


  4. Great article. Easy to follow.

    I like the confused look on your face when confronted with the dreaded ‘CODE.’ I can totally relate…… haha

    Do you only get paid from Adsense when someone actually clicks on an ad and buys something, or do you also get paid for just displaying the ads on your site?

    Do you know if people can make a full-time income out of advertising with AdSense?

    I ask because I am currently using other forms of advertising on my site but may change if Adsense is a better option.

    Thanks for the information.

  5. You’ve explained everything so clearly and I’m sure this will help a lot of website owners apply and get approved for Adsense. I’ve been using Google Adsense for some time with good results. As my traffic is increasing so are my earnings:)

  6. This article summarises the Adsense application easily.

    I tried to apply for Adsense when I had less than 10 posts and that resulted in a rejection, as expected. Didn’t have enough traffic too.

    I have read the criteria and eligibility elsewhere too! In which I try to grow my audience and the number of posts. I haven’t tried applying again, but Im more confident now that I’ve read your article.

    Going to bookmark this! Thanks a lot.


  7. Hi Minah,

    Thanks for showing us how to get approved for Google AdSense. Since you made it comprehensive, people will get what they are looking for from your post easily. The tip should be the Site Kit plugin in your WordPress to expedite the whole process, so I might need to install one on my blog too.

    Thanks a lot for sharing. You did provide lots of value today. 🙂


  8. This is a really helpful guide! I have a fairly new website and am still working to get more content and traffic sent to it but at some point in the future I may look into applying for Google AdSense. When/if that time comes, I’ll use this as a reference! Are you able to share, in general, what kind of earnings are generated from AdSense? Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge!

    • Hi Dereck,
      Glad that find my post helpful.
      With regards to Google Ads earnings, I’d be happy to share here in my blog
      in the future. I just applied for it at the time I’m writing this post.

      The important thing with Google Adsense is that you need to have continues traffic
      to generate income from it. And also by creating post with targeted keywords for Google Ads.


  9. Hi,
    Thank god that I stumbled upon your post as I was struggling a lot, as my posts were not getting approved by the Google Adsense and steps that you provided I read throughout and thought of applying it step wise to see if it really works or no! But guess what? It worked so well that I can’t even imagine that this was so easy, but just needed some guidance and this post was the best guide to help me throughout the process.

    The distinguish you provided “Google adsense and when I applied on post” was really helpful because that is the same mistake we all do!

    Great info.

    • Hi!
      I’m glad that you liked my post. And the tips I provided helped you!
      I felt an accomplishment.

      It is true, Google Ads can be tricky sometimes but the only way to deal with it
      or the safest way to go with it is to prep your blog.
      And the things that I listed here are all part of my preparation, which resulted
      me getting approved for Google Adsense a lot faster!

      Anyway, thanks again! Wish you success!



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