30 Helpful Facebook Groups That’ll Make Your Blog Grow

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Do you know that there (some) Helpful Facebook Groups that will really make your blog grow?

Have you joined any of the Facebook Groups for your blog?

Not joining Facebook Groups in my early blogging stage is one of my regrets, well… sort of. I’ll tell you a short story later on this post. There are tons of Facebook Groups for Bloggers that you can join. Most of them can really be helpful however some are not. 

I’ve been a member of few of those “spammy” FB Groups that’s why I know that not all them are helpful. And that’s what inspired me to create this post to help YOU and new bloggers to find the right and helpful Facebook Groups to join.

You ready? Let’s begin.

First, Do you really need to join Facebook Groups?

Well, joining a Facebook Group is not a necessity for your blog. However, if you join the right group, you’ll see that it’s more likely to be beneficial for you than it is to them, particularly the creator / owner of the group. 

Blogging is fun. Personally, I didn’t know that I’m going to like blogging because I’m not a good writer plus the fact that I’m not an English speaker, so, yeah try to imagine my hardships everytime I create a single blog post!

Although blogging is fun, it’s also a struggle and challenging at the same time!  

If you’re a newbie blogger, you’ll have a lot of questions and ideas in your blogging journey. Wouldn’t be nice, if you have someone or group of people whom you ask questions or share ideas with directly instead of sifting thousands of blog posts?

That’s in my post, about Newbie Blogging Struggles I suggested in joining Facebook Groups.

Things you’ll learn in this post :

  • Benefits of joining Facebook Groups
  • How to look for the decent and legitimate Facebook Groups
  • How to properly join Facebook Groups
  • Things you need to remember when joining
  • My favorite and considered really helpful Facebook Groups
  • My recommended Group

Benefits of joining Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook Groups can really help you grow as a blogger. You will learn things about blogging from other peoples’ experience. And for other reasons such as follows :

  • It can help you with organic reach
  • Facebook Groups can increase your followers 
  • You may find your ideal target audience in the group
  • As a member, you can indirectly promote your blog or your services
  • Facebook Group is a good place to get idea what to write for your next blog post
  • It is a learning and engagement tool
  • You may find your email subscriber (My first email sub came from a group)
  • Facebook Group can help your blog’s growth through collaboration and guest posts

These are the reasons and what I experienced upon joining Facebook Groups that’s why I truly recommend that you join as well. 

I’m planning to start my own Facebook Group within this year to extend my reach and help other bloggers as well. I’d like to return the favor or the help I got from the group.

How to look for the rightful Facebook Groups for your blog?

Moreover, How do you find facebook groups to join?

Like I said, I made a few bad choices of Facebook Groups in the past because I didn’r look at it thoroughly. Those groups just happened to appear on my feed, some I did search though. But then, afterwards, I discovered a group through Pinterest then I compared it to previous ones that I have and lerned my lesson.

Of spotting a good Facebook Groups.

Check the following to Spot a Good Facebook Groups

1. Privacy

I would prefer if the group is private. It brings curiosity and I consider it a hint that this group is well supervised. And most of the decent Facebook Groups I’ve encountered are all private. Like these groups for example that I’m both a member.

2. Activity

Before I explain why you need to look for the group’s activity, let me show you 2 separate screenshots marked as A and B and ask you a question later on.

Looking at the image, which group you are more likely to join base on activity? Group A?

For me, I’d choose Group B. Here’s why, although Group B has smaller number of posts that day which is 13 posts compared to Group A with 284 posts that day, I see it that the latter group is less monitored and posts are less screened.

When you take a closer look Group B is actually way bigger than Group A. Group B has almost 58K members but it only produces 13 posts during the time I screenshot it. This is suggesting that Group B doesn’t contain random posts from it’s members therefore it’s less chaotic.

So, when it comes to group activity, you should try to look for a lesser number of posts. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that the group is not active but it is actually organized and well monitored.

3. About

The next thing that you need to check out is the About section of the group. Once you expand the description, a good facebook group estates the following :

  • Creator’s website
  • Group’s Rules
  • Creator’s Freebie Offers to it’s members
  • Posting Schedule
  • Creator’s Social Link (sometimes)

Keep in mind that it may vary and not all of those are present on the About section of a particular FB Group. But more or less those are the things that you will see on a legitimate groups’ About section.

How to properly join Facebook Groups?

Joining Facebook Groups is not that hard. Once you click the “Join Group” button, you’ll be forwarded to their questionaire that you should answer.

The questions that you’ll bee prompted to answer differs from each group. But, most the time these are the questions you’ll see :

  • How did you hear about the group?
  • Why did you want to join the group?
  • Do you agree with the group rules?
  • Do you agree with designted promo schedule?
  • Do you have a blog? What’s your website / url?
  • Would like to receive tips / freebies? If yes, please include your email address

All you have to is to asnwer those questions, and wait for their approval.

In case you weren’t approved, don’t worry. Maybe, your niche is different from the group. You can try to join other groups.


Things you need to remember when joining

Well, this is no brainer, of course you need to abide with rules once you’re able to get in. Be friendly, polite and engage with the discussion. 

Once you’re member, you can start asking questions but you should not be afraid to answer other question as well. You should help so you can get help.

Although joining groups can help you and your blog, keep in mind that joining too many won’t help. Limit yourself to 5 groups or less to make sure you can manage it, engagement wise.


Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join

30 Helpful Facebook Groups That Will Make Your Blog Grow

3 of my favorite and considered really helpful Facebook Groups

Like I said, there are tons of Facebook Groups! In this part of my post, I’ll share you the groups that I am a member of, which means I already engaged with it, got help and given help as well.

Let’s start the ball rolling.

1 Boss Girl Bloggers

The creator of the group is Elle Duclos. She found success on Pinterest and now created a course about it. 

Boss Girl Bloggers group is about Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion. Although the group doesn’t have a sharing thread you can share your blog post if it answers a question in the group.

2 Pinterest for Lady Bloggers & Business Owners

The group is created by Angela Tempest. I’m following her in Pinterest and discovered her FB Group. 

From the name itself you can tell that the group is all about Pinterest and according to it’s description it also about blogging as well. The group has regular sharing schedule for specific blog niche. 

3 Bloggers Camp – Community to Connect

Arfa Nazeer is the creator and the blogger behind She Means Blogging. I have read her blog during my research on how can I start my blog.

The group is about bloggers and helping each other. Like the other groups, Bloggers Camp also has posting schedule thread.

The 3 Facebook Groups I mentioned above are ones I’ve been a member for a while. I’ve been able to engaged with it and seen how it helps other bloggers. So, I can assure you that you won’t regret it in case you joined them.

Now, the following are the ones I recently joined. I’m going to be honest, I joined these groups for the purpose of this post. I have to see it from the inside before I recommend it to you. And also for me as well.

4 Blogging Babes Collective

The group is lead by Sasha Lassey of Everyday She’s Sparkiling. The group is for new and beginner bloggers it offers help anything and everything about blogging.

It has also its own posting schedule.

5 DNW – Making Money From Blogging

Sharon Gourlay is the creator of the group and she runs a blog Digital Nomad Wannabe. The group shares tips on how to make money blogging.

6 Blogging Newbs

By McKinzie Bean. The woman behind Mom Makes Cents blog, I came across with her blog and Pinterest when I wasn’t a blogger nd I was using Pinterest randomly! If you’ve been blogging for a while, sure  you are familiar with her.

The group is for bloggers who want to share and learn about blogging. Thay do have sharing schedule as well.

7 Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite

The group is created by Lucy Reyes the owner of Cheers to Life Blog.

The group is strict on their questions to be answered to accepted in the group. The members are bloggers in different stages and niches. It also has its sharing schedule.

8 Becoming a Blogger

The group is lead by Cate Rosales of Sweet and Simple Life blog. The group is for bloggers who want to grow their blog.

Members can ask questions and receive great answers as well. The group has it own schedule for sharing posts as well.

9 Facebook Group Admins : Growth, Engagement and Monetization

Well, this group is way different from the others mentioned above. This is still for bloggers but this time if you are planning to create your own Facebook Group like me. That’s I discovered this group.

I haven’t fully explored the group and seeing their details, it just started last year. The group offers tips on how to manage facebook groups which can be really helpful if you have one.

10 – 30 Additional Facebook Groups

If you’re still looking for other Facebook Groups, here are some of them. Please note that I have no ppersonal experience with it. I just found these groups during my research.

Wrapping Up

Now you know few Facebook Groups that you can join, and you know where to find them. 

Blogging is a struggle, and to belong and be surrounded with like minded people will ease the hardship of blogging. Just remember that to engage with the group and follow their rules.

If you happen to join any of the groups I recommended or you are already a member please do let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Great post! Although I belong to a few Facebook groups, I often forget to check in with them and take part in comment threads. I have to set aside some time to go through them – I just did it last night, haha, but yes I think they can be helpful.

    • Hey Caroline!
      Thanks for dropping by. Well, you’re not alone.
      I myself forget to participate to my groups sometimes, but it’s okay.
      You can do it in your own time.

      And I just realize how FB groups drive trafiic to my blog.
      So I thought, it’s worth sharing.


  2. I love the Facebook groups for blogging. I have made many connections and have even had a few guest post for me. I was looking for new Facebook groups to join. I will definitely try to join a few more.

    • Thanks Deborah and I’m glad that you find my post helpful.
      Wow that’s amazing you find guest post on FB Groups.
      That’s why I’m suggesting it, because it can really help you as a blogger.

  3. Wow! I haven’t been so good when it comes to using Facebook for my blog. I have been focusing more on twitter which has been great and I only knew of Boss Girl Bloggers before now. I’m joining all of them now. Thank you for sharing.


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