10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do to Deal with Blogging Struggles

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These are the Top 10 Struggles that Most New Bloggers Face and 10 Actions You Must Do to Deal with it

As a new blogger, how’s your blogging journey so far?

Although I decided to create this post as a reminder for “myself” which, I know I’m not supposed to do. I mean, I should put YOU, my readers, first before me. I should write FOR YOU and think ABOUT YOU every time I create a blog post like this.

However, I’d like to be honest and I am pretty sure that YOU CAN RELATE WITH ME when I say, “In BLOGGING, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”. I face these struggles when I started my blog and sadly, I still am. And I know I’m not the only one.

Luckily, I managed to find ways to deal with these blogging struggles and share it with you guys. Particularly to new bloggers out there.

So, how’s your blogging journey so far? Let me know in the comment below.

The Truth About Blogging

Blogging is the easiest way to start with if you’d like to have an online presence and also the easiest way to make money online. That’s why more and more people get into blogging. Do you know that as of 2021, there are around 32 million BLOGGERS in United States alone? Wha—t?

Yep, that’s in the US alone, plus there are bloggers in every corner of the world who create approximately 7.5 million blog posts everyday! But, unfortunately, only 5% of bloggers become successful to earn a full time income from their blogs.

Just 5%… (sigh)

There are tons of reasons why. And one of it are the struggles you face as a new blogger that can also be the case why not everybody reaches the finish line.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do to Deal with Blogging Struggles

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do to Deal with Blogging Struggles

First of, I’m going to talk about the blogging struggles that most new bloggers face, the reason for it, and how to deal with it. Like I said, I also experience this and when I did my research, I found out that other bloggers too, newbie or not, face the same blogging struggles too.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#1 Take Action

To deal with blogging struggle of Not Being an Action Taker.

The moment you think of wanting to start a blog, you immediately do your research. Read blogs, watched videos, attended webinars, downloaded e book / PDF files on how to start a blog, feed yourself with these informations.

But, you feel overwhelmed and do nothing.

Instead of doing nothing, begin implementing the things you’ve learned. I know that the most difficult thing to start a blog is to literally start doing it.

Be an action taker. Like what Nike’s slogan said, “Just Do It”.

Especially if your plan is to really start a blog, push yourself to do it or don’t do it at all. Otherwise, you’ll be just wasting your time waiting for who knows what.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#2 Accept Your TRUE YOU

To deal with blogging struggle of having an Impostor Syndrome.

Do you know that there are 5 Types of Impostor Syndrome? Allow me to address it quickly. According to Medical News Today, these types are :

The Perfectionist

People who want their work to be perfect and flawless every single time. They often focus on things that they think they could’ve done than better rather than congratulate themselves for their achievements.

The Expert

Almost similar with Perfectionist. But, instead of being concern about the quality of their work, they are more concern on the quantity of their knowledge.

I bet, before you started blogging, you questioned yourself for not being an expert on “something” or “anything”. Am I right?

The Natural Genius

These type of people learn and master skills quickly and easily. That’s why it’s frustrating for them to face the fact that some point they will struggle to master something. The reason why they think of themselves as an “impostor”.

The Soloist

People who tends to work alone. They think that asking for help is a weakness.

The Superhuman / The Superhero

These type of people are the ones who think they should excel in all aspects of their life. Which, to burnout most of the time.

More often than not, with these Types of Impostor Syndrome, new bloggers has it. And the most common ones are the Perfectionist, and the Expert.

To be honest with you, I used to have 3 of the types : the Perfectionist, the Expert, & the Soloist. I sometimes feel the urge to be a Superhuman too, because I’m a mom.

Although, I somehow figured out on how to deal with my Impostor Syndrome, that’s why I said : I used to.


Thus, to deal with Impostor Syndrome, Accept the TRUE YOU.

Do you have Impostor Syndrome too? Which type do you fall into? Let me know in the comments below.


10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#3 Choose a Broader Niche (But not too broad)

To deal with blogging struggle of Trying to Find the Perfect Niche

I know it will contradict to what I said on one my blogs and to what other bloggers say which is, “narrow down your niche”.

Because, based on my experience, you will not find the “perfect” niche from very beginning. Unless, you’re a professionally expert on your niche, for example, you’re a pediatrician who talks about kids’ illnesses specifically in your blog.

If you do not fall on that category as a new blogger, then it is safer to choose a broader niche just in case you find a need to pivot later on. Which is, totally normal.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#4 Plan Your Blog

To deal with blogging struggle of Not Knowing What to do Next

Not knowing what to do next is one of the struggles that new bloggers and alike face when they started to blog. Because of this, they often get stuck and sometimes result to giving up blogging.

Planning your blog from the very beginning or at least ahead of time will give you structure or an outline to work on your blog smoothly. Therefore, you’re more likely to achieve success.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#5 Know Your Target Audience

To deal with blogger struggle of Wasting Time, Effort and Money

In planning your blog before you even start, a part of it should To Know Who Your Target Audience Are and Knowing their pain points.

Fail to do so, result into wasted time, effort and money.

Here’s why. Publishing blog posts or creating content without a specific target audience, even if you’re consistent, is like flying an airplane without destination or sending a mail without an address.

And also, you’ll find it harder to monetize your blog if you don’t know your target audience is, because you wouldn’t know what products to offer. Because like I said, if you don’t know who your target audience are, then your blog posts don’t have a destination.

I discuss more about How to Find Your Target Audience in this article.

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10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#6 Be a Good Observer and Researcher

To deal with blogging struggles of “I Don’t Have Ideas What to Write” and “I Don’t Know How to Write a Blog Post”.

It’s a common thing to wonder or think about what and how to write your first blog post, second, third, fourth or until you get used to it.

If you are a Good Observer, then you will spend time, observing other bloggers how they write their blog post. How they write their titles, the use of headings, visuals and images.

Read “8 Tips to Blog Like a Pro” for more help.

And if you’ll spend time to research about your niche, then you won’t run out of content ideas to write. And also if you plan out your blog, know your target audience, then, you’ll definitely know what to write.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#7 Be a Self Learner

To deal with blogging struggle of “I Don’t Know How To Design a Website”

One of the first, initial struggle that a new blogger face is designing his/her website. Although you should not focus on this part, but, we can’t avoid not to get excited to design our website like other bloggers out there, right?

It’s like moving to a new house!

But, the “I Don’t Know How to Design a Website” comes in and somehow it holds you back moving forward.

That’s why to be a self learner is one thing you should be when you start your blog. Of course, you can hire someone to do things for you but if your a new blogger, I bet you wouldn’t have a budget to that.

Now, building and designing a website is not that complicated compared 10 years ago. There are plugins that can help you with that.

Check out my tutorial on How to Create and Design Your Homepage for FREE. Well, it’s not the whole website, but, homepage is one of the most important and most visited part of your website.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#8 Create a Realistic Schedule

To deal with blogging struggle of Time Management, Consistency, and Exhaustion.

Yes, it is true. You need to create a real schedule that will work for whatever situation you are in.

For example, in publishing blog posts, although the more you publish the better, like other bloggers who publish 2-3 posts a week but if you’re a mom with 3 toddlers, then that frequency is not a reality for you.

It’s better to post once a week consistently rather than no consistency at all. And also, not having a realistic schedule will lead you to exhaustion.

In all honesty, I’m working on this part. Before, I was aiming for publishing blogs at least 2x a week but, with work, kid, shop & husband– I learned that it is impossible. Then I turned it to once a week, yet, still impossible. So now, I’m aiming for 3 blog post a month.

To prove that you’re not alone with time management and consistency struggles, here’s a screen shot of comments on one of the FB groups that I’m a member of :See? You’re not alone. And even though my plan to publish 3x a month doesn’t sound productive, it is realistic and doable for me. Since, personal work, creating a blog and publishing post are not the only thing that I need to do, I need to promote my blog.

We all need to market our blog to get traffic which is another struggle that a new blogger face.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#9 Be Ready to Be Out There in Social Media

To deal with blogging struggle of Marketing, Getting Traffic, and fear of Social Media.

Although the latter doesn’t apply to everyone, but the first two does.

Getting traffic gets the high percentage among other blogging struggles because, it’s not only newbie blogger’s problem but also other bloggers as well.

And one of the ways a new blogger can use to market their blogs to get traffic is through social media. You might disagree with me and tell me that SEO is the best way to get traffic.

Yes, that’s totally true, but SEO takes time and takes a lot of practice. There are tons of huge blogs who are expert on SEO, so I think, it will be difficult for a new blogger to compete with that.

10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#10 Be Dedicated, Patient, and Committed

To deal with blogging struggle of “I’ve been blogging for X months, but nothing is happening” and “I’m still not getting any money”.

I know that there are bloggers who had their successes early as expected, but you know what? Those bloggers really, really work their butt off to get there. They spent time, money and extreme effort.

That’s why as a new blogger you should always think that blogging takes time and that you have to be fully dedicated, patient and committed. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it and you need to take action of course!


10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do To Deal with Blogging Struggles

#11 Have a Group of People for Help & Feedback

To deal with blogging struggle of “Being Alone”.

In one of my post, 10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog, I mentioned that blogging is a lonely path. You’ll find yourself in your room, or on your couch with your computer and no one else.

Also, most of the time, our family doesn’t even know we’re blogging and sometimes they don’t even understand.

I remember when a question was asked on Twitter, “If any of family or friend in real life knows about your blog?”, I participated on the thread unfortunately I can’t retrieve it. Anyway, most of the responses were “no”, “a couple or few of my friends”, some said, “my husband knows a little”.

So, it’s actually good to be connected with other bloggers like you. You know as they said, “Surround yourself with like-minded people”. Groups will help you grow your blog, ask for help and who knows you may gain friends as well?

Like me, I’m a member of a huge PLATFORM, members are in different skills and experiences who shares tips and training about online business.

Aside from that, I tried to be a member of different FB Groups as well which I also find very helpful. Be careful on joining though, because not all of them are well monitored and sometimes spammy.

If you’re interested to know the favorite FB groups let me know in the comments below and I’ll share them on my next post!



So, if you’re still reading this… Thank you!

As a conclusion, these are the 10 Actions New Bloggers Must Do to Deal with Blogging Struggles. If you noticed, these 10 actions actually correspond to specific blogging struggles that you may and will encounter not only in the beginning of your blogging journey but all throughout.

And also, you can these actions are the main things that you must do or must possess in your blogging life. I’ll include myself- we must do these actions in order to deal with struggles mentioned above, and other blogging struggles such as :

  • SEO
  • Conversion & Sales
  • Blog Engagement
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Backlinks
  • Staying Focus
  • Building & Growing Email List
  • Writer’s Block
  • Growing Blog
  • Page Views
  • Getting Money

The above Blogging Struggles are all true, I gathered the information by reading blogs, my own experience, and asking other bloggers in my group.

How about you? What do you struggle in your blog right now? And how do you deal with it? Share your experience below and maybe we can help each other.

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  1. Hi Minah,
    Really insightful post – thank you. I’m new to blogging and I struggle with many aspects of what you’ve listed down, but mostly with #9 and definitely #11. One thing for sure is I refuse to quit! So I’ll use all your tips and hopefully I’ll achieve what I have set out to achieve. Thanks again!

    • Hi Azlin,
      Thanks for your insights.
      It’s okay that you’ve been experiencing difficulties in your blogging.
      It is a challenging task!

      Just don’t quit, don’t forget to reach out for help and you’ll get there!


  2. Hi Minah,
    That’s a lovely post and you have put all the points in a very good perspective. I am a new blogger and struggle with back links, traffic and having a schedule.
    Hope with time and some training I’ll learn to tackle them,
    Thanks for this post

    • Hi Rupali,
      Thanks for the visit.
      Blogging can be challenging, it’s not simple.
      So, if you’re struggling, you’re not alone my friend!
      But you know what, you’ll get there. Just don’t give up.


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