How to Build a Niche Website – Beginner Friendly Guide

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Building your own Niche Website and learning the process of it can be a little bit intimidating specially if you’re a beginner. From choosing your niche, choosing what platform you’re going to use, and writing articles down to getting traffic for your site. Just thinking of it makes you want to back out.

It is definitely hard to do yet Niche Websites are booming like a mushroom around the internet! That’s why you want to try it out, right?

Luckily there are a lot of tutorials available in the internet that you can follow. And I would like to share to you mine.

The main reason behind building a Niche Website or Niche site, is to laser target a specific niche and become the number one source for it.


What is Niche? and What is a Niche Website?

I discussed these 2 here in my previous post. But for the purpose of this post, I am going to mention it again.

So, a Niche is simply a group of people that has the same common specific stuff or a segment of a market, other words : “Audience”

A Niche Website is simply just a WEBSITE that talks about specific topic. This is a place where you write or put all your gathered information regarding your chosen niche

And the main goal of building a Niche Website is to laser target a specific niche, be good at it. And become the #1 go-to resource for that industry.


As I have mentioned before, your Niche should be something you are passionate about or things that you like to do. Because, it is what your site is going to be about.

  • Brainstorm broad niches ideas

You have to make a list. Don’t be too hard on yourself about this. Don’t over think. Just write down things you love to do, you’re interested in, perhaps talent– if you have one. Just make a list.

The next thing you’re going to do is :

  • Narrow it down

First let me tell you one thing. This part was difficult for me at beginning, because I am interested in so many things and also there is a part of me that is “greedy”– What I mean is, if I am going to cover different topics, then I’ll get traffic fast! right? you know? why not build a site that targets everything? and if I am going to focus on one niche, I’m afraid I will be lack of ideas on writing a posts later on.

How many of you have that kind of “thinking”? I am sure I am not the only one but maybe only few will be honest to admit it.

But after doing some research and learning from my training, I found out that, that mindset is a NO NO!

Why? because, being a Solo Entrepreneur, covering different kinds of niches/topic in a single Niche Website, means that I have to do a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CONTENT around each and every topic! Creating a great content takes a lot of time and work.

As a result, I am just gonna end up building something that provides no value for any of my topics.

So, If you have that kind of mindset– clear it out, we are solo entrepreneurs.

And remember, the main goal of building a Niche Website is to laser target a specific niche, be good at it. And become the #1 go-to resource for that industry.

Now, if everything is clear… narrow down your list. Here are some guidelines or criteria for you to narrow down your list easily:

  • Subject that you are knowledgeable about.
  • Interested to become knowledgeable about.
  • People are searching for that topic / niche. You can use Google Ads Keyword Planner for this.

But for me I’m using different tool.

In the example above, I use the keyword “diet coffee” and these are the result. It showed me other keywords, its Average number of searchers per month, the number of visits that I would get in case I achieve the first page of google, QSR which is for me the most important– it shows how many websites that are competing in the same keyword and the SEO that gives me a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the better.


This tool are provided to me with the training that I am using. Click here if you want to know what it is.

  • Research if there are different kinds of products that you can review and discuss with your audience.
  • Try to search for affiliate programs around that niche that offers good commission.
  • Read other blog of the same Niche Website and see if people really making money from it.

Continue to narrow it down, until you end up into one.


Content goes here. Now that you have already your target niche, It’s time to build your niche website. For me, this part was tough and exciting at the same time. And you will know why as you read on.


This is the exciting part, for me, because — this is the part where YOU ARE GOING TO BRAND YOURSELF!

And thinking for a name for my website was tough! Maybe I over thought of it– because it is something that YOU CAN NOT CHANGE so you have to be careful. There will be times that the name that you like is already taken.

There are Name Generators out there like that can help you decide for your site’s name. It is completely free and it makes a name combination, which I think “brand worthy”.

Let me show an example.

In the image above I use coffee as my niche, I know it’s broad but I’m just using it as an example. You can that there are different categories to choose from : COMMON, SIMILAR, NEW, SEO, SHORT, FUN EXTRA, and MIX.

Under MIX, there are combination names which I found interesting.

In choosing your domain I recommend getting a .com because it will make your website look solid and trust worthy. But then you can still go to other TLD’s just avoid those strange ones.

Once you decided your name, your next step is buying your domain and hosting it.

You can buy your domains to NameCheap or GoDaddy. These are two leading ones when search it in Google, prices may vary so you just have to go there and check it out.




Hosting is important in building niche website, you can think of it as a piece of land on the internet where your site will be sitting. If you don’t have a hosting space, then you can’t have your own site as well.

Luckily for us, these days there are lots of hosting providers to choose from and they’re affordable. To name some there are HostGator, even GoDaddy does it too, and BlueHost. The latter seems to rank first among the hosting provider because of the quality, service and the price.

Now you have to choose the platform. While most of the people on the internet seems to be using WORDPRESS, including myself, there are others out there for you to choose from depending on the style or kind of website that you are building.

For WordPress, after installing it, you have to choose a theme. A theme is like a pre-designed for your website. Which is pretty handy specially if you’re not techy like me, you won’t need to hire a web designer to do that for you. You can customize your theme in just one click, how cool is that?

Since this is your first website, I would suggest not to buy a theme right away, besides WordPress has tons of free themes that is decent and works pretty well. As you build your niche website by writing articles you have a better idea on how you want your site to look like, then that’s the time you may invest on a theme.


Content goes here. As a beginner, writing content, that is keyword rich, high quality content will seem to be the hardest and time-consuming. Well… yeah you’re right. But when you get the hang of it will be easy for you as well.

You have to remember that you must create :

  • Content that is useful and helpful to your readers

You can start by writing 2 – 3 in depth articles about your niche. It can be a tutorial, “How-to” articles that has a minimum of 1000 words. And you can write articles reviewing at least 3 -5 products that are popular in your niche. This article will serve as your site’s foundation, and if done correctly, will attract traffic to your site.

And you can make a collection of smaller articles to build credibility and to show Google that your Niche Website is active.

  • Content that will hep you to rank higher in search engines whether its Google, Bing or Yahoo.

In creating articles, you have to make sure that it is keyword rich so you’ll have a better chance to rank higher. You have to put your target keywords in your post, but don’t just put it for the sake of putting it. You have to be natural. Perhaps you can include your keywords within the body of your article 3 or 4 times depending on the length of your article, and you can include your target keyword in the title itself.

But please be reminded that whatever you write, QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY.

I would like to add that it will be helpful if you schedule your posting. Since you are just building your niche website, it will be helpful to post at least twice a week.


Content goes here. This is the most difficult part – getting people to your website!

There are many ways to get traffic to your new site it can be paid or organic. And I’m telling you that it won’t happen instantly! For this post let’s focus on organic traffic.

  • Make a list of your friends and colleagues and let them know about you site. (I read this from another site, not a bad idea)
  • Set up social media for your site : Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and may be YouTube as well.

But do not let these social media hinder or block you from creating good quality content.

  • Quora – posting answers that is related to your niche and posting your link might help as well.



Okay… I think you’ve got all the main things that you need to know in Building Your Niche Website. But please be informed that there are other stuff that you need to do as well, like installing plugins after you choose your theme. What I did is just give you the simple and general steps.

I will be creating another post about this that will include in-depth details and also how to monetize your site.

So again… I know it’s a lot of reading but I hope you find value on this post.

If you have any questions, want to add something or you want to make any corrections, please feel free to post a comment and I will be glad to reach to you.

Feel free to share this too! I’ll see you on my next post.


Wishing you all success,



25 thoughts on “How to Build a Niche Website – Beginner Friendly Guide”

  1. Lately I’ve read a lot about how to build a Niche website.

    Every time I read them I have been able to improve my page a bit more, or have better ideas for the following posts.

    At the beginning it will be a bit difficult but over time everything is getting easy and fast to finish. I´m with Wealthy Affiliate and the truth is that there was no better option than this, I liked it a lot, work is very easy, and in any case I need help, I know that someone will always be there to help or support me.

    Thanks for explaining a little more.

    • Thanks for reading.

      Yeah totally agree with you. It is really difficult from the beginning specially if you know nothing about building a website, but it gets easy once you get that hang of it.

      Thanks again and wishing you success!


  2. Hi, Mina!

    I been in a lot of different so called online businesses in the past and the most of them were scams. Others was just expensive training or products that was pointless because you didn’t learn anything on how to get organic traffic.

    Niche content rich websites with organic traffic (and email subscribers) has worked best for me so I’m happy to see that you are writing about that!

    Thank’s for also sharing some great tips!

    Regards, Jan

  3. Great information Mina! I have a niche site and it is something I am very passionate about. But when deciding on my next niche, I know that I will need to choose a niche that has a lot of opportunity for income streams. I really don’t have that with my current niche, although I am brainstorming with that. So for me, considering the potential income is going to be right at the top of my decision process!

    • Thanks Matt! For sure you’ll be successful whatever website you plan to create. You already have an established site– so the next one, whatever niche it is, will be easy for you I believe.

      Thanks again and wishing you success,

  4. Hey Mina 🙂 Everything about building a website and a business about your niche becomes much easier when you plan it out as you have outlined.
    If you follow the 4 step plan in finding a niche that you are passionate about, build your website about it, and get traffic, you will create income.
    You presented all that you need to know and to do to make this a success. All you have to do is be passionate about what you write and put in the hard work. Patience is a virtue! Following the training and always ask for help!

    • Hi Rob, I appreciate that you stop by. I did try my best to outline the process on Building A Niche Website according to what I have learned.
      I believe that this way, it will be more understandable to those ones who are just starting out. And not just jump right into it and get stuck.

      Again thanks and wishing you success.


  5. I first learned the concepts of a “niche”, SEO, and Google ranking approximately 10 years ago when I worked as a freelance content writer. My first attempt at a “niche” blog was focused around a product that allowed people to make quality, homemade ice cream at home.

    It totally flopped — BUT I learned a lot from my flop!

    Since then, I’ve had several more attempts that ended in subsequent lessons learned by way of “hard knocks”, and I’m finally building a blog website that I feel excited about. Unlike all that came before it, I believe this one will be successful.


    I’m not focused on the potential money I could make; I’m focused on helping others with content that is truly valuable. At the same time, I’m not “over-thinking” things so much; just writing from my heart and sharing what I know.

    I’ve seen a lot of crap along the way done by others. Things like “keyword stuffing” (see, pop-up advertisements, and more.

    Here’s a video that might prove helpful to you as you press on in your own journey:

    I wish you well. Let me know if I can be of further service.

    • Thanks Drew for dropping by.
      I was and always worried that I might over using “keyword” on every post that do. Because I do believe that it will affect the essence of my post.
      Thank for reminding me.
      I will check your videos, it will help me for sure.

      Wishing you success


  6. Hi and thanks for some great advice on how to go about choosing a niche that works for you. There are so many ideas and you don’t want to choose one, work at it and regret it later. You also cover some good points on how to build a niche site and the right platform for that is so key. I hope you will write an expansion to this post soon as I know there is more depth you can go into and I’m sure your site visitors will appreciate it. Thanks Kenny 

    • Hi Kenny,

      I am happy that you find valus on my post.

      Choosing a niche, building a website and focusing on it– are the 3 essential things I believe that everybody should remember in order to be successful in online business. And yes, you are right I am planning to expand my post, as I am learning more and more as I grow in the business.

      Thank you and wishing you success,


  7. This has been a super helpful and very thorough article on the subject I was researching about choosing a niche. From my understanding a niche can be anything that I have an interest in or want to learn about as well. And as I learn a subject as a beginner, I can create a site that follows my journey and I would teach what I learn too. I’ll be taking you up on your recommendation regarding Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you.

  8. You nailed it on the head! Anybody can be successful with a Niche Website, and with tools like Jaaxy, you will see results faster. 

    It is important to start on the right foot, and you are really providing a blueprint for success for your readers. I wish I would have started right, but it took me years of trial and error before I landed at Wealthy Affiliate.  But I guess better late than never.

    I use Jaaxy all the time to find low competition keywords, and I see traffic very shortly after posting. 

    Branding yourself is definately something that needs to be taken into consideration, especially for new affiliate marketers.

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for the compliment. It makes me inspire to write more.

      It is true that we should start on the right foot as much as possible, but sometimes we don’t have control over that. But the mistakes that we learned are the greatest tools that we can use.

      I’m glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks and wishing you success,


  9. Hi Mina,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this amazing article which contains a lot of helpful information. As a newbie in this field, I struggle quite a lot understanding how to build a site, get traffic and especially build/write a post rich on keywords.. I mean, I try with jaaxy but I’m not sure if I insert enough keywords. However, I must say that I learned a lot and I find your article to be easy to understand and follow. 

    Thank you,Nick.

    • Hi Nick,

      Glad you find this post helpful. I couldn’t agree more when you said that everything about creating a website is a struggle. I have been to that situation, and I still having difficulties from time to time, I think it’s part of the learning process.

      But once you get the hang of it.. You’ll become an expert on what you do. Just remember that Everybody started as a beginner.

      Thanks again and wishing you success,


  10. Great explanation for someone new to the business! I think finding your niche is probably the first biggest hurdle most people go through.  I’ve seen TONS of people ask “how do I pick my niche?”.  And it’s a very personal answer because at the end of the day, they are the one who will have to be excited about writing about it.

    One hurdle that I first had and sometimes still struggle with is not narrowing down my niche.  My first site was on travel because it was my passion.  But that’s a huge sea of competition.  I still struggle with that one site on how to narrow it down more.  It’s more of a hobby site for me now, but one day I’m sure I will pick a very targeted audience for it.

    Do you have any suggestions for new people coming in the business on how to narrow down their niche?

    • Hi Nicki V,

      Yes definitely, picking a niche, is the hardest part to begin with. It took me 2 weeks to figure it out. And narrowing it down is also a task.

      Umm.. Travel.. It is indeed a broad niche to tackle with. Well for me you can narrow it down by asking yourself, On what season do you normally travel? And I believe that whatever season you choose will not matter because of Geographical locations of your readers.

      Or you can narrow it down to.. “Best Places to Travel with Kids” or if your single and wants to travel alone, then you can have “Safe Places to Travel Alone”…

      Maybe you can start with that. I hope it helps.

      Thanks agian and wish you success,


  11. Hey Mina,

    I can’t stress the importance of choosing a niche you actually care about.  I am speaking from experience.  Because, if you don’t choose a niche you care about you will eventually get burned out and waste you time.

    It takes at least 6 months before you will make any money (sometimes longer).  You have to be persistent, though. You need to publish at least 2 articles a week for about a year.  That will be over 100 articles in a year. 

  12. This was a great article on how to build a Niche website. 

    There are a lot of beginners out there looking to figure out what is an a niche?  You give them all the information they need to be able to create the perfect nice website.

    I see you have Jaaxy which is the best keyword research tool. You can create a lot of good content around keywords you get from Jaaxy.

    I really do appreciate this article. It is one of the best niche articles I’ve seen yet.

    • Thanks Quinn! Glad to hear that you find value on my post.

      Yes I am currently using Jaxxy. So far, it helps me lot to create a Keyword rich article for this site.

      Thanks again and wish you success.


  13. I did a blog with a platform sometime ago, but didn’t get too serious about it as I was a student back then. Now, I am planning to revive it to start an online business of some sort. I am thinking of switching to WordPress, but I heard it could be quite technical. The thing is, I like the domain that I have now. Is it possible to switch platforms without disturbing the domain? Will it cost me extra money? Thanks for the advice. 

  14. You did an outstanding job presenting some of the many pitfalls you can run into when you start a new online adventure. 

     Finding that niche is tough…but like you said…we make it harder than it needs to be.  I agree with you…pick a “focused” topic based on something that you have a passion for.  I mean, you better be excited about it…because you want others to care and be excited about it as well.

    You  gave a great example and walk through using Jaaxy….what a great tool to know if you are headed in the right direction.  Again, you want a niche….not an obscure topic no one knows or cares about.

    Great job telling it like it is…..this is the way to build a successful business …if you do it in this order, have the right tools, and the right support and community to share with.

    • Thank you so much. Glad to to know that the effort I spent writing didn’t go to waste.

      All the information I put in are based on the trainings and what I am experiencing so far.

      Thanks again, and wishing you success,



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